7-8 figures doesn't sound bad. I assume they accept satoshis πŸ˜„
1M is about 325 usd now.

How does one put fiat money in the LNPay wallet?

Just dawned on me that there's nothing stopping from app developers allowing users to stream the 1% to the developer even when listening to a podcast without the value tag πŸ€‘. Or even boosting the app itself πŸ€”
Or is there?

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Podcasting 2.0 for January 22nd 2021 Episode 21: Hooray for Hollywood -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments at podcastindex.org and are joined by Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell from Blubrry Podcasting for some HOT Namespace Talk! l.curry.com/fnl

So I've been working on a simple RSS-feed editor that would make it possible to put some Podcasting 2.0 tags in an existing feed.
At least for now this is a manual thing, you paste the feed in, do the edits and get the feed out.
This should be Namespace 1.0 compatible now, but it's not tested very thoroughly so ymmv:
(Only 1.0 so <value> missing, but it might some day be there πŸ˜…)

Without further ado, here is the Podcasting 2.0 feed editor:

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@jpsmithnyc @419monk @ironhide1975 @kevinb66

This part I am not so super strong in - Plus we are building the plane while flying it, so everything is a bit rough around the edges.

I am sure @dave might be able to chime in here.

@dave Maybe it would be a good idea to write a small how-to for podcasters at some point (I can't wait for the LN Pay thing!)

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Ok, it is time for experimenting, version 1.33.0 was released today with (very) experimental support for podcast:value, streaming SATs as you play your episodes.
Release notes with more information on the feature can be found at github.com/podStation/podStati
@adam @dave @anita
PS: finally something I managed to implement before @martin πŸ˜‚

@martin One thing I'm missing from the PodFriend's player is the episode date. Especially now that I can search for people, if I find an interesting episode, it might be very interesting when the episode had been published.

LNPay was not mentioned in the Podcasting 2.0 shownotes. Might be good if it was πŸ˜…
I for sure am one that forgets that kind of details immediately after listening. Maybe there's others as well.

And I imagine he would lose his keys at that point.

I'm just saying that there needs anyways be some level of trust in the developers and that might even need to be pretty high.

I'm wondering also about the liability things. I imagine refunds might not be trivial. I mean if I write an app and make an honest mistake that sends 1000 x the wanted amount to some podcast, it might not be possible to get them back? Who is then liable? Me? Or can I disclaim that kind of thing in eula or something?...

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It was nice to hear that the power of apps and developers (and therefore also the responsibility) regarding handling of money is planned to be diminished.

Although even if PI would make sure that the split is according to the value block, it still leaves it up to the app to report correct listening time, communicate the correct podcast and amounts. So rogue app might empty the listeners wallet to the app developers own podcast. Of course that developer would be pretty quickly get caught. ...

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Podcasting 2.0 for January 15th 2021 Episode 20: Mapping the Road -- Adam & Dave unveil the next step in Value 4 Value streaming payments for all podcast apps, with an appropriate amount of pre-education l.curry.com/fna

@martin a feature request: it would be cool if when continuing the play it would continue few seconds before the actual spot I stopped.
So if I click pause and then play it would replay like the last 2-5 seconds (dunno what would be good amount).
If there's been longer break the reply length could be longer.
Hearing the last bit before you stopped makes it so much easier to catch on again.

@martin I wonder why this podcast doesn't work and is there something to be done in this kind of case other than to wait if the spinner at some point stops and playing starts

For anyone working with pwas, this might be interesting read. They even use a podcast app as an example:
I'm taking to you @martin πŸ˜‰.
Dunno if there's anything new to you but it would be cool if you could see the chapter images on the lock screen. Dunno if the Lock screen media thing would bend to that web.dev/app-like-pwas/#lock-sc

@martin something funny going on in Podfriend.
For some reason the description is wider than it should. The view is scrolled max to right in the screenshot. The podcast in question web.podfriend.com/podcast/1543

Re: listing every episode a person is featured.
I wonder how far you could get by using the person url. Of course that can change over time so there it would break, but a person could use for example a link to wikipedia in there basically forever.
Did that come up in your conversions? @martin @dave @adam

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