Fyi, I will be changing my account here. This nick is stupid and as far as I know you can't change it.
I followed some (maybe most of you) with the new account. Maybe I missed some. Anywayzzz, I'll be continuing to hang around, but 419monk won't 😁. See ya!

I think you need to take as has of the feed url also or something if you want to avoid possible collisions 😬.
Some thing like: <feedurlhash>-<guid-hash>

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@brianoflondon Were you using a hash of the guid as you id for the episodes? If so is the id supposed to be unique globally or just withing a podcast/feed? I think guids are unique only withing a feed/channel.

About updating podcasts that don't do pubsub: Would it be a stupid idea to allow an API call for apps to try and refresh a podcast in the directory? I mean like if I know that a new episode has dropped, Podfriend would have a refresh button that I could press and it would call an api in the index that would make the index reload the rss and update the index for that podcast 🤔.
I mean it can be frustrating if I want to share a new episode and the index is lagging. Ping @dave

@dave Dunno if you meant what quattro stagioni literally means or what @adam was blubbering about. But it's Italian and means four seasons 😄

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@dave @adam good news, I got a message from Tim on the LNPay telegram group that he will be turning on inbound KeySend payments.
Wallets must be identified through custom record 696969, example: 696969=wal_jhnRR8uSQUZfPM

This is aligned with my proposal to include custom records to podcast:valueRecipient:

I'll be experimenting with this for podStation's 1% (yey, finally getting some $ 😜 )

Do you have any rough estimate when the index api could be used without the read keys / authorization?
I was thinking that if it's not too far away, I won't implement the authentication at all and just use dummy data until I can do the requests without it.
But if it's in the distant future, then I think I'll just implement it for the time being 😇.

Playing around with the audio-element while slowly building my to be podcast player. Podcasting 2.0 with 4x speed sounds surprisingly interesting 😄 .

Yes! Queries without a key! Woohoo! I don't have to spin up a proxy server. Excellent. Thanks guys. ♥️

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Podcasting 2.0 for January 29th 2021 Episode 22: This Train is Rolling! -- Adam & Dave discuss the latest developments in Podcasting 2.0 and are joined by Ben and Alberto from for some hot namespace talk!

7-8 figures doesn't sound bad. I assume they accept satoshis 😄
1M is about 325 usd now.

How does one put fiat money in the LNPay wallet?

Just dawned on me that there's nothing stopping from app developers allowing users to stream the 1% to the developer even when listening to a podcast without the value tag 🤑. Or even boosting the app itself 🤔
Or is there?

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Podcasting 2.0 for January 22nd 2021 Episode 21: Hooray for Hollywood -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments at and are joined by Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell from Blubrry Podcasting for some HOT Namespace Talk!

So I've been working on a simple RSS-feed editor that would make it possible to put some Podcasting 2.0 tags in an existing feed.
At least for now this is a manual thing, you paste the feed in, do the edits and get the feed out.
This should be Namespace 1.0 compatible now, but it's not tested very thoroughly so ymmv:
(Only 1.0 so <value> missing, but it might some day be there 😅)

Without further ado, here is the Podcasting 2.0 feed editor:

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@jpsmithnyc @419monk @ironhide1975 @kevinb66

This part I am not so super strong in - Plus we are building the plane while flying it, so everything is a bit rough around the edges.

I am sure @dave might be able to chime in here.

@dave Maybe it would be a good idea to write a small how-to for podcasters at some point (I can't wait for the LN Pay thing!)

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Ok, it is time for experimenting, version 1.33.0 was released today with (very) experimental support for podcast:value, streaming SATs as you play your episodes.
Release notes with more information on the feature can be found at
@adam @dave @anita
PS: finally something I managed to implement before @martin 😂

@martin One thing I'm missing from the PodFriend's player is the episode date. Especially now that I can search for people, if I find an interesting episode, it might be very interesting when the episode had been published.

LNPay was not mentioned in the Podcasting 2.0 shownotes. Might be good if it was 😅
I for sure am one that forgets that kind of details immediately after listening. Maybe there's others as well.

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