Third ad page in the books for Paranoid American Comics!

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When do we get to start talking about the therapists as a potential cause to crazy people doing crazy things? Too soon?

@SirSpencer @Laurien @sirseatsitter i haven’t been able to stop thinking about y’all’s last Dreams show. Last night I dreamed that my wife and I come over to Spencer and Laurie’s house with Chris and installed new tile flooring in the kitchen and dining room, to say thank you for titties.

Been working on some fake ad pages for Paranoid American comics (filler pages)

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Been living that Lobo life as of late. Such a kickass character. Basically made to shit in Superman, Wolverine and Punisher. Like Deadpool before there was a Deadpool.

I’m officially an NFT. Would anyone like to purchase me? You can tell I’m an NFT because the speech bubble says “NFT” and I look like a quickly sketched out cartoon character. ACT FAST!

My entry for a drawing competition on IG. It’s a redraw of a character in a new indie comic book by Boyd Comics. This is the goon, Gumboot, from Shape Man’s issue 1.

@SirSpencer @Laurien @sirseatsitter getting to listen to the show from last night. Thanks for all the love! I’m getting ready for an art show next weekend, so I’ll be elbow deep in my art files this weekend. I’ll be sure to get some more art, especially the BAB stuff, uploaded to the RedBubble. I wonder if it’s going to get a “mature” rating? Tee hee.

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Good vibes, man. Art created for Mark at My Family Thinks I’m Crazy Podcast.

10 years from now, you’re wearing a pair of VR goggles, working your UBI job at some virtual pharmaceutical plant in the Metaverse. Mark chimes in with an alert that it’s your allotted 10 minute wellness break. You blink twice & flick your eyes right to check the status of you AI created NFTs you posted last night; no sales. Noticing that you are developing a migraine headache, your virtual assistant dispatches a med-drone to your pod in Pfizer Tower 3B. 20mg of Distopatol later & break is over.

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Been working on a set of posters from Network. Such a great movie.

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