Google aiming at improved podcast quality with discoverability incentives for properly formatted RSS feeds with better feed content.

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@Ben Looks good. Would be nice if they recognized <podcast:locked> as a valid owner email address source.

I have no contacts at Google though. @jamescridland?

@dave @jamescridland I asked specifically about episode chapters and chapter art. Here's the response: "This is definitely something we're thinking about for future updates but no plans to share at this time. Thanks for flagging it as a request and good to know that you are supporting this!"
It sounds like they have at least have some interest.

@Ben @jamescridland That's good news. Thanks for reaching out to them Ben.

@brianoflondon @Ben @jamescridland Imagine if they ran their own API node.

If we're doing to start getting whacky here, let's go all the way. 😉

@dave @Ben @jamescridland Google have been almost completely silent on blockchain unlike Facebook and Twitter.

It would be a hell of a coup of we got them anywhere near this even if they were just watching the stream somewhere and triggering their bots with it.

I really should set up a canary rss feed. Perhaps James could monitor who his his feed immediately after a podping?

@jamescridland @dave @Ben wow! Ok here's a new category: with 15 mins of podping. And put it at the top!

Btw you have an almost exclusive podping server:

That handles your site and sometimes Engineered Network.

@jamescridland @dave @Ben having now looked at the list on a real computer (not my fruit phone) I'm wondering why PodcastIndex is still hitting you every 14 minutes.

@brianoflondon @jamescridland @Ben Because all v4v enabled podcast feed gets checked every 20 minutes. I haven’t turned that off.

@brianoflondon @dave @Ben I understand none of that - but I'm glad! :) Hmm, I wonder why my code's podpinging more than once a day?

@jamescridland @dave @Ben do you sometime make little edits? That's what happens with the 3speak shows I handle the podpings for

@brianoflondon @dave @Ben Some are when I rebuild the email because of buggy code; but not sure about all of them.

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