What do you suppose the odds are of Twitter planning to get into the space they originally intended — podcasting — and that “tips” via Lightning is the prelude to them announcing Twitter as a PC20 compatible app? It would be Twitter coming full circle back their roots as Odeo (minus the flash interface). @adam @dave

@agates How many different blockchains are there? Could you recommend a link to a good overview, please?

Is there such a thing as a local "Blockchain as a Service" such that Blockchain-based apps can simply reference that service's blockchain instead of needing local copies of their own?

Use case: a fleet of Docker containers running as distinct Lightning nodes without the need for each container to have a full copy of the blockchain.

Was the "Gene's Mom's Guide to Setting up a Lightning Node" ever published? (Asking for myself...)

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Any recommendations on a good community to talk about running your own BTC / LN node? I have a lot of newb questions. Like... I have BTC on my local node... how do I move it to LN... and do I even need to?

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Happy Birthday podcastindex.social!!!

Can you believe everything we've accomplished in only a year?

Thanks @dave and @adam for getting this all started, and thanks to everyone else for the awesome community you've built.

To @adam’s idea of using the same app to create and consume a podcast, PodBean’s app does this (though I’ve never used this feature). Short of a standardized hosting API for publishing podcast episodes I’m not sure how this feature would be supported outside of hosters who have their own listening app as well.

Remember all the "chicklets" on a web page for how to subscribe to a podcast? Can we get something similar for switching to a PC20 podcast app?

(Bonus points if the script gives platform-specific recommendation.)

@mitch Report from my wife: “I usually have to hit it twice, both in screen-sleep mode and on headphones, and usually the first time I try on the headphones the immediate effect is that the speed returns to normal, but the next time I hit play it’s on 1.5 again.”

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@mitch There is still a chance there is something defective with my Bose QC35 (Mk 1) wireless cans. My wife also uses Podverse on iOS but she has Anker Soundlife Q30 wireless headphones -- amzn.to/3e8BKJ5 -- and she reported "something funky" about the play/pause command but it wasn't the same as what I was getting. Will pass more details along (she is using the regular app store version and not Test Flight).

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@mitch Sorry, I haven't been testing this on each beta release but this morning I tested the current latest Test Flight version of Podverse and Play/Pause via Bluetooth will start playback when playback is stopped, but while playing it changes my playback speed to 1.0x (I listen to everything at 1.5x) instead of stopping when I hit the play/pause button. What I don't get is why this never happens with @overcast. I wonder if this is something requiring low-level Bluetooth code in Swift on iOS.

Strangely, I still haven’t seen a deduction from my Sats balance and this was over 24 hours ago.

It's not often I laugh out loud at something on a podcast but I was laughing so hard I started coughing and had to pull over when I heard @jennifer's "Pull Request" jingle and @dave and @adam talking about it.

Me trying to implement a Hive blockchain based on my imperfect understanding of what @brianoflondon and @martin were saying and then asking @darrenoneill if I got it right (I know -- I should have asked @SirBemrose instead).

I got a question from someone that is outside of my normal usage: "Do you have any recommendations for iOS podcast 2.0 app that syncs between devices?"

Does Podverse do this @mitch?

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Did you know Podverse maintains an open source JavaScript feed parser library?

It's supposed to make it easy to parse all Podcasting 2.0 namespaces,, but tbh we aren't actively keeping up with it unless there's a namespace we need added in Podverse.

If any developers would to like to help maintain @podverse/podcast-feed-parser please let me know! It is a very small library, but could be useful for devs looking for a Podcasting 2.0 compliant feed parser.


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Streaming sats and boosting are WORKING in Podverse -- happy to be part of the beta (and thank you to @mitch for helping me get my sats figured out)!

Are there any LNPay folks on this Mastodon? Trying to request Sats in my LNPay wallet and getting an HTTP 400 error. This is Brave 1.25.73 on Windows 10; the only plugins I have are podStation and One-Tab.

(BTW... why is the public key and wallet ID being passed on querystrings? You're already posting; why not include sensitive info like that in the POST payload?)

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