Alright, I can't let @alberto have all the fun with @getAlby! 😅

Setting up Alby w/ Castos to stream sats! Go podcasting!!

@StevenB do you think Alby is my best bet these days to onboard newbies into a lightning address for v4v field?

@dave released the new version of the plugin which includes the generator tag. 48 hours ago, so still have to get through a wave of adoption.

Where can I get the :pci: in file format? I’d like to see if I can get the team to put it near p20 features in our app

@dave @adam ”Same guy reading a book on different Anchor feeds”

Incase you weren’t aware you can create a free blog at and automatically publish an Anchor episode based off a handful of AI voices.

You can just copy/paste thousands of free blog posts turning them into podcasts 🫣

Who has a transcript in their feed? I want to show some peeps how it looks in Podcast Guru app...

@adam looks really slick! They use v4v in their copy.

But their web designer put a floating bee above the submit button on mobile so I can’t joint their mailing list 😂

@dave finally catching your last episode w/ @adam.

Every plugin has a public page that shows active install count and % of release version. We have 30k+ active installs total (powerpress has 50k+) w/ 32% running latest version w/ podping. So that means 9-10k sites potentially pinging.

But that doesn't mean all those sites have podcasts anymore. They could have faded or just left our plugin installed :)

@dave Our plugin now has podping support! (fingers crossed)

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