There was some confusion over how to turn on notifications in @podverse. All you have to do is click on the bell icon on the top of the each podcast.

@ChadF thanks for sharing! Also fyi…scheduled live items do not show up in mobile like they do on the website (I just didn’t have time to add it yet), but live streams should show up on the podcast’s page in mobile when they’re actively live.

@ChadF @podverse

Huh, I don't have a bell on mine. Version 4.4.2 from F-Droid.

@fiberdrive @ChadF sorry, notifications are not supported on F-Droid yet. We will have to deploy a separate self-hosted FOSS notification system (UnifiedPush) to support them on F-Droid. I’m hoping other open source developers can help us do that because we don’t have experience with it, and it seems like a lot of work.

@podverse @ChadF oh, are these notifications coming from the web service? I assumed the app created the notification when it updated it's RSS feeds. I hope someone has the knowledge to help. Thanks!

@fiberdrive @ChadF as much as I love F-Droid, it can be a lot of extra work compared to the Apple / Google Play ecosystem. It gets overwhelming sometimes. Hoping more people will step in to contribute to Podverse someday.

@podverse @fiberdrive I was able to install the lasted version from the Aurora Store on my GrapheneOS phone. Thats a compromise if you don’t want to use the google play store.

@ChadF @fiberdrive someone reported issues with the Aurora version recently. I think they couldn’t download episodes? We don’t officially support it, but if it works for you with notifications that’s great. Please lmk if you run into any issues with it.

@podverse @fiberdrive I was able to download episodes but I can’t turn on the notifications in the app but that might be a GrapheneOS issue.

@ChadF @podverse if GrapheneOS is a de-googled phone, that may be the issue? I don't know much about how notifications work on Android. I always assumed it was an app locally pushing a notification.

@fiberdrive @ChadF ahh makes sense…we’re using Firebase for notifications and it’s a Google product 🙈 it’s easy for Android, and one of the only ways to do notifications on iOS.

We want something FOSS and self-hosted, but it’s more complex, will need maintenance, and will have different bugs and outages compared to Firebase. We can do it, but don’t have the bandwidth for probably a couple months.

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