Chapters suggestion for apps. Re-check the chapters json file for changes and not just when the podcast is downloaded/played. Otherwise, if the podcaster makes a change it won’t be reflected for the listener if they downloaded and don’t listen right away. Not sure how everyone is doing it, but my experience seems to be that I have to delete and re-download on several apps, to pick up changes.

@brianoflondon @Drebscott

One thing I've thought about podpinging for live (and chapters) is in order for an app to determine if something has been podpinged it has to be listening to the podping traffic. This can be done with websockets no problem, but I was thinking about the amount of bandwidth and battery power that would be used listening to every podping, then parsing through each one to see if it applies to the listeners current episode/play list.

@brianoflondon @Drebscott

Maybe it's minimal and not much of an issue though. Just some thoughts I was having as I'm trying to implement listening to podping to send live notifications for podcasts a listener is subscribed to.

@StevenB @Drebscott we will have a specific way to hit an API and know if chapters have changed its how I think it should be done. That api will be watching the podping stream.

@brianoflondon @Drebscott

How would a podcast player be informed of the updates so they know to update the chapters in real time?

@Drebscott @StevenB I think the answer would be that a really lightweight api call can be made while a show is playing on pause and resume.

@brianoflondon @StevenB I’m not a dev so I can’t recommend how it would be done 😜, I just know there is a gap here. PS I appreciate all you guys do to make all this work.

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