@merryoscar You should contact Podtrac and Megaphone. I know I can't see Fountain show up as a useragent on either platform.

I've run ads on almost every major podcast app.

My test on Fountain, so far, has been unique.

If nothing else, there is some form of immediate feedback in the form of sats.

The amount of sats is usually very small, well under $0.01, but that's fine. I'm more interested in people listening to the show than trying turn a profit.

I'll probably try another promotion on Fountain, but this time I'll promote an individual episode that might be better suited for that audience.

@merryoscar A feature request...

Can you track and display the number of subscribers a podcast has? I know many other apps do this (PodcastRepublic, Podbean, PodcastAddict, Castbox, etc)

Ultimately, that is the metric I care about. Listens are fine, but in the end, you want them to convert.

I assume my Fountain ad is running as I've gotten a bunch of boosts today from people who are not @petar or @dave

@merryoscar are there any stats available for ad performance?

I'm tentatively scheduled to do a Longbet regarding the podcast market share of Spotify in 5 years.

I contend that Spotify will NOT have more than 50% of the market share based on total downloads by 2027.

$1000 on the line.

I've been thinking about Lightening Network topology.

I'm not sure that this ring of fire stuff is an optimal way to structure a network.

A whole bunch of tiny channels seems less efficient than 1 big channel to a well-connected hub.

Similar to how airlines use a hub and spoke system for routing passengers.

In a very Streisand Effect sort of way, this article by Michael Mignano might be more attention to Podcasting 2.0.

Something was messed up on the BlueWallet app. It wasn't connecting to their server. I had to reset the network settings and reinstall the app and then everything appeared.

I got my BTC order from BlueWallet resolved.

i am liquid!!

I spent $300 at BlueWallet and they haven't delivered my BTC in 5 days.

@dave can you check to see if you got my recent boost to Podcasting 2.0 from Podverse?

It says "boost sent" after I hit cancel

@dave what do I change the URL parameters to in Helipad to download all boosts?

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