I've seen people call a boostagram of 1776 sats a Liberty Boost.

In that spirit, I've started a list of other named values for boots:

I'm at a conference this week for travel writers. I've been showing people how V4V works and how you can pay for website articles for just a few cents with Lightning.

Most people are blown away. They have never heard about this before.

@dave did you set up a strike account for Twitter tips, or did you use your own bitcoin address?

Today should be a lesson for everyone about why internet centralization is a bad thing.

Now that I have my lightning node up and running, does anyone have any best practices?

How many channels should I have? How much should I have on each channel?

I'm going to launch a 100,000 satoshi contest on my podcast.

Just working up the details right now.

@davejackson I have some hard data if you want to know more about the performance of Instagram for driving podcast subscribers/listeners.

Spoiler: it's poor

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