Joe Rogan has “a lot of hope” for cryptocurrencies, but mostly Bitcoin, though he said he doesn’t understand it very well. The podcaster interviewed internet entrepreneur and podcast pioneer @adam Curry on the 1760th episode of The Joe Rogan Experience show on January 8, talking about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, the metaverse, and beyond.

@EverythingEverywhere @adam Rogan knows as much about crypto as I do UFC and their 11 herbs and spices. #EatFreeRange

@EverythingEverywhere @adam Said he likes ETH and BTC being the two he's heard most mentioned by friends. Awesome episode, kind of disheartening to here Adam put ETH down the way he did, it doesn't have a CEO and coins can't be minted frivolously. ETH is on track to be deflationary too. I'd say look into ERGO if you want BTC tokenomics, but being eUTXO it has modern features BTC lacks. BTC is royalty, but outdated. ASIC resistant!

@Jambra @EverythingEverywhere I didn't say ETH had a CEO.

What bothers me about the ETH community is I hear a lot of talk, yet our spec is open and no one has even attempted v4v with it.

Its obviously possible, see HIVE.

@adam I think if you watch it you'll agree you were pretty implicative. You said "BTC doesn't have a CEO" and when Joe asked if ETH does you didn't answer, then explained how there can only be 21M BTC and that can't change, but like ETH if there is consensus it can change.

Idk man, I'm a fan, I found it disheartening because it seemed like an obvious maximalist move which I didn't think you'd do. Could have been a good moment for both, but unnecessarily you knocked ETH off.

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