I thought of something.... a device that only plays podcasts. Not an MP3 player mind you. There are plenty of those. I want a device that will be known as “a podcast player,” just like there are “mp3 players.”

And it could be open source and built off of existing hardware and software. So here’s a quick sketch I whipped up for some inspiration based off the raspberry pi zero.

Just as an FYI because @adam mentioned something on the most recent episode of podcasting 2.0, I really do think that there’s a lot more people that listen to more than just one hour a day. And I get that he was using statistics which take an average off a wide range of listeners but, just to give perspective I work 11 hours a day as a framer and I listen almost the whole day to all sorts of podcasts. Just wanted to say that. Thanks to all the dudes named Ben making podcasting better every day!

Podcast Guru integration is about 90% done, just have to wire a few more little bits up.

What is the simple player that @adam and @dave spoke about on the podcast Index podcast?

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