Just as an FYI because @adam mentioned something on the most recent episode of podcasting 2.0, I really do think that there’s a lot more people that listen to more than just one hour a day. And I get that he was using statistics which take an average off a wide range of listeners but, just to give perspective I work 11 hours a day as a framer and I listen almost the whole day to all sorts of podcasts. Just wanted to say that. Thanks to all the dudes named Ben making podcasting better every day!

@Imnogenius for sure there’s a lot of listening going on! I’m much more bullish than IAB, but I like to use “generally accepted” statistics when I’m in selling mode ;-)

@adam and that’s a very large sum per day when only going by the generally accepted statistics. But then there’s me in listener/producer mode, hearing that sum being “ turned up to 11” 😜

@Imnogenius @adam I also wonder whether that's 1 hour of _listening time_, and thus potentially more hours of content for podspeeders, or if that's 1 hour of _content_ regardless of podspeeding.

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