Boosting is fun! I sent some sats to the Mere Mortals podcast and to @adam's latest Podcasting 2.0 episode.

QUESTION: Do podcast creators see the timestamp of when the boost was sent? (I'm thinking similar to YouTube's Live Chat/SuperChat).

Imagine if Podcast listeners could financially support the show on the app they're listening with.

Imagine if the host could enable contributions to be split between themselves and the guest. Or with the #FOSS project they're featuring!

Imagine a music podcast where the artists featured could get a split of that financial support automatically. Directly to them, not a label or a licensing organization.

All this functionality and more is being built right now!

One of the benefits of the Fountain app is: "Manage splits to share earning with co-hosts, guests and good causes."

WOW!? Does this mean I could theoretically revenue share with artists I've featured on a music podcast?

Fountain: installed!
Lightning Wallet: Topped up!

That was relatively painless.

6 hours in this instance and my mentions are already overflowing with tips, recommendations and knowledge.

What a terrific place.

As a newcomer fresh to the Podcasting 2.0 space and currently drinking from the firehose, there is one primary question that rises about the rest: Does the roadmap allow for listeners supporting artists and podcasts with fiat, or just cryptocurrency?

Hey everyone! Thanks to @adam for the invite, and to @StevenB for steering me here. I suppose an is in order!

Way back in 2004 I created Insomnia Radio, one of the first 30 podcasts on earth. (Even HAND-CODED the old RSS feed!)

Life changed significantly from then to now, but I never lost the passion for podcasting + the enthusiasm for sharing undiscovered music with the masses.

Now I'm pondering a new music podcast adventure and want to help with the 2.0 movement!

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