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Watch, or listen, to @adam being interviewed by Alison Morrow on youtube.

Enjoy the day everyone!

WOOHOO!! In the app "Podcast Addict", I added the NA stream as a radio station. Now I can launch the stream through this podcast app, opposed to using a web browser. It IS the stream in real time, no lag or difference in timing. This is awesome.
Thank you Podcast Addict!

Not being a programmer, this is how I imagine programmers....

Have a great day everyone!

Woohoo! Updated Breez last night, glad to see the "podcast" tab now.

Any recommendations on a bitcoin exchange that is pretty secure?

Great show today! 3 hot name space jingles... Good thing I listen on head phones at work, others that would've been a meeting with the HR department. 😂

Have a great weekend everybody!

Also, the value block total needs to maintain 100% correct?
So the podcaster, when determining the splits, would have to be diligent to make sure the total value of the splits maintains a 100%. I.e.- song plays, split to musician. Song ends, split back to host while host talks. New song, split to new musician. Song ends, split back to host. Process repeat for whole show.

I, as a podcaster, can then use the streaming payment and boost statistics to understand what songs the listeners enjoy over others to further develop my show while the musician still gets payments every time people are listening to just their song.

Just a thought on some various use case scenarios of "steaming $$$".

Hope I was clear on what I was thinking about. Otherwise, just ask!

Have a great day everyone, Peace

Or another hypothetical scenario:

Say I do a podcast featuring the music of independent, unsigned musicians. I would like the artists to get paid for the duration of their song playing on my podcast. Instead of many small splits for the whole length of each show, the artist gets a large split for the duration the song plays.

I had an idea while listening to multiple episodes of the Cast (my rebuttal to "pod"). Is it possible to have time stamps and durations, like with the chapters name tag, associated to a payment receiving node?
Say I interview multiple people on a podcast, however they are 1on1 interviews. And I would like to pay my guest for the duration of their individual interview 70% of all value generated. Not a small percent of value from the entire episode, but a large percent for their segment.

OMG!! Podcasting 2.0 is the sh*t!!

I was listening to NA #1313 as I left work last night and almost drove into a ditch pulling out of the parking lot because of laughing so hard when I saw this on the screen...

Podcast Addict earning that "2.0 approved" badge!

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