I have updated my wordpress plugin that adds the podcasting 2.0 namespace to powerpress feeds. You can now add the value block and get bitcoin streamed to you

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@Lehmancreations Thank you for adding that. Blubrry has been dragging their feet on it because it's not "finalized".

I don't care if people are sending me sats. I just want to have it so I can experiment!

@Lehmancreations I blog and podcast to help me follow news and think through my investments.

@kevinb66 Kevin I looked at your feed don’t put the closing </podcast:value> tag in where you put in your recipients. I add that tag. Your feed now has two

@kevinb66 @Lehmancreations Part of it is as well as we are in the middle of a major and I mean major update to the platform so we are really focused on that. We will swing around to updating PP with this new stuff, but keep putting additional pieces in because I want to play as well.

@Todd_Blubrry @Lehmancreations I just re-read what I said. Hahahaha. I sound like a big jerk!!

Apologies @Todd_Blubrry. I didn't mean to be a giant dick-head.

@Lehmancreations Have you added this plugin to the wordpress plugins directory?

@Todd_Blubrry not yet. I tried but they wanted some changes and I have not had the chance to make them yet

@Lehmancreations Ok feel free to ping mike dell or me anytime we continue to be excited about what your doing.

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