Podcasting 2.0 Episode 95: "We are The Jazz" -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org l.curry.com/fA3


@adam Thanks for the shoutout during the Boostagram section! I had some issues with generating an invoice and funding the wallet in Fountain. I want to send a 5 High Five Boostagram (55555 Satoshis), so I could pull @jamescridland 's leg a bit! ;) I think this symbolic number should be on the Boostagram Numerology page too. 5555 High Five Boost is already listed.

I then tried to send what I almost had left in the wallet, so I thought that 12345 sats could be a fun number. Cont.

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@adam @dave @merryoscar I got an error message. I sent an email to Fountain and got a reply from Nick M. I can't see my Boostagram on the app, but it seems that I got through, as Adam & Dave were commented on it. Timestamp around 1 h and 49 min. Btw: How does the streaming by minute sats showing up on the other end? I have now set 10 Sats per minute. That means often that the Sats that I earn by listening with Fountain app, is going "back" / passing forward to the podcast that I am listening to.

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