Discovered an *atrocious* bug with video playback on iOS Safari, Mac Safari, and iOS mobile apps. Has anyone seen this before?

The audio and video tracks fall out of sync for *some* videos after seeking to a time when played through the native Apple video player.

Is anyone familiar with this? Any ideas for what we can do to fix it?

This is a disaster for our video podcast playback on iOS, and it seems like it's out of our control 😖


@Meremortals @brianoflondon


@podverse Hey Mitch. I don't own any apple products so wasn't even aware of this. I've only had issues with the videos playing when I'm on my phone wifi and it struggles to buffer. I'll have a look when I next have access to an apple device and see if I get the same issue as you described here.

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@Meremortals thanks man. I can't reproduce the issue using Safari with the version of the video that is uploaded to, so I would guess that is doing some kind of processing / encoding that prevents the issue.

But the problem is consistently reproducible for me using the cdn version:

@podverse @Meremortals I find it's hit and miss but 3speak videos have been working quite well recently.

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