Dumb question maybe:

With the ever increasing censorship of big-tech, is there a future in any type of P2P style CDN?

The content provider could have a few distributed main seeding nodes and let the end-user client apps torrent back to the network to distribute the content to the masses. It could operate on a reward system where the more bandwidth you provide back to the community, the higher priority you had in downloading the fresh content.

Just a thought....
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@N4VX there are a few blockchain projects like this from storing your data duplicated across nodes. There is also that is attempting to do something like this for video delivery, but I dont know the specifics of how that's setup.

I was thinking less blockchain and more old school napster/kazaa/etc. Not so much for immutable file integrity but for massive bandwidth surge handling.

Imagine 2M+ users needing a single 100Mb file in the first 12 hours after publication dropping exponentially down to 10k users for a few days then down to nothing.

Having a core cluster of trusted seed nodes distributing signed files. First level trusted clients pull and then seed to second level, etc

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I envision eliminating cloudflare or akamai or any other CDN being able to deny hosting and letting a podcaster distribute many petabytes of bandwidth of data to the end users by sharing files P2P instead of relying on a central CDN provider.

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@N4VX I just published It monitors feeds and loads episodes into IPFS until demand drops off.

Still testing viability, but could be what you're looking for.

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