Porn Addiction To Salvation in Jesus
Former Superior Court Judge Kent Levis talks about his struggle with sexual sin and how it affected his career and marriage; struggling with it for years but still showed up at church and found his way of escape through Jesus.

You can get his book Coming Clean @

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Are Churches Compromising
Damon Albert’s message emphasizes the need for every believer to live a radically “set apart” life for Jesus,
-How do we know we are following that Culture?
-What's going on with the Churches and what they are teaching?
-How can a Christian know if what they hear isn't lining up with the Bible?


Karen Kingsbury NY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR talks about her latest book "THE BAXTERS—A PREQUEL" which is the first book of the Baxter family saga and the perfect novel to introduce the new TV series starring Roma Downey!
Actress Masey McLain appears in this video and talks about her role as Ashley Baxter.

There Is Deliverance from Homosexuality
Stephen Black was seduced by a Catholic priest as a young child and lived as a gay man, but one day he heard God and was delivered to freedom in Christ.
Stephen talks about:
How he personally came out of homosexuality
What's happening in the Schools? What parents can do.
What we can do in love as Christ loves and more
YouTube Video:

Everything you need to know about Addiction Recovery is possible
Jack Levine answers:
Why do Addicts feel alone in their battle?
How has Addiction been on the rise since the pandemic
What do family members need to know?
How do you see God as a healer in the process of overcoming addiction and healing?
YouTube Video:

Seasons of Loneliness with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Do you or someone you know, struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
Does loneliness overwhelm you and do you feel you have no one that truly understands? There is help
Peyton Garland says “God never designed us to be lonely, and she wrote the book: "Not so by myself: a safe place where God doesn’t fix the loneliness but sits with you instead" on Amazon
YouTube Video

How Smart Are Dogs
Dogs learn our spoken language, how do they read our expressions?
Maureen Maurer shares two stories from her book
Wonder Dogs- Leader an abandoned German Shephard mix who became a loyal service dog and Emma a service dog to a paraplegic. *This ministry has helped numerous lives*

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