For example, when I get to this page I don't know what I'm supposed to do with this code (assuming I've signed up for one of these services). Add it to my hosting somehow? If so, does it have to be one on the list? Add it to my Powerpress settings? If so, where? Sorry to be dim but if you want a greater takeup / use you'll need to make it 'idiotproof' LOL @adam @steven 2/2

Hi everyone. New around here, after visiting Saw Adam on Max & Stacy's 'F*ck Elon Tour', watched his Joe Rogan appearance highlights. I'm a longtime podcaster (290 shows on one and 150 odd on another) Last one stopped as Covid 'started" because my co-host was further down the rabbit hole than I was and lost the will to live, creatively speaking. Where can I find clear, simple instructions on how to use

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