So, If I want to scrape all episodes, is there guidance?

Do the docs need to be updated? "This call returns the most recent max number of episodes globally across the whole index, in reverse chronological order."

specifically if I call it with a max of 100, I would expect the most recent 100. Probably all published in the last day. That doesn't seem to be happening. I sometimes get months old episodes if I only provide a max param

I'm expecting to call it and it gives me the latest X. If I provide a since episode ID, it would give me the lastest X up to the since.

Is this expectation wrong?

@dave afaict, recent episodes doesn't observe the client requested max nor are they ordered newest to oldest. I also seem to be getting huge gaps when I request episodes.

@dave with `/recent/episodes` I'm getting back nondeterministic item counts. As for 500 get 215, ask for 60 get 56, ask for 60 get 60. It doesn't seem to matter if I provided a before id or not.

@dave I'm trying to track down differences between your parser and mine. For your parser is generating a category of "aftershows". Is that correct? Where is that happening in your code? I only see splits on spaces, not a replacement or joining.

Is there a <podcast:sponsor> tag? Feels like an analogous thing to <podcast:funding> or <podcast:value>

Playing around with a legit design for the podcasting certification check. (can't search, but you can expand sections)

Still isn't quite where I want it, but I'm not sure what to change. I like google's lighthouse report and it would be nice to come up with an overall score for a feed.

Do we have any idea what tags feel like a "must-implement"? Locked and Person?

@dave @martin I think I may have something working. Not very consumable yet, but I think CORS checking works locally

I _think_ is now properly handling all phase 1 and phase 2 elements. Still no CORS checking though.

I've extracted partytime from the aggregator and have a basic certification check. It is only looking at phase 1 because it's a direct port of what @dave put up 3 months ago.


I haven't published it as a separate package yet. I also need to prettify the response.

I have been playing around with a web based api runner. It is pretty bare bones right now, but you can hit the index here - podcast-index-browser.vercel.a

@martin does podfriend support linking to an episode via PI ID?

I tired$ but it doesn't work. I know you have it work for the actual podcast id, wasn't sure if episode was a capability.

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