@dave I'm going to be talking with someone about V4V and they don't have an interested in running their own node.
Does podcaster wallet provide a "free" wallet for them? If so, where can I find more details around podcasterwallet.com?

@brianoflondon I see you were playing around with sessions and locations in mixpanel. Those two things both expect you to be doing traditional product metrics with user interactions where city is derived from end user IP and sessions are determined and tracked via the start of a "stream of interaction" and then a subsequent end to the stream.

The way data is being fed into that project and the type of data are atypical of most mixpanel usage.

"True Believers" Supporting all four Phases

Backfilling data so this will be growing.

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These clips are created by the podcasters themselves, and shared in their RSS feeds. We chose not to feature them previously because 99.9% of them don't have titles due to lack of title support by their RSS feed hosts...but we decided it's a waste not to share this vast trove of podcast highlights made possible by the <podcast:soundbite> namespace.

We are hopeful that more Podcasting 2.0 RSS feed companies will one day let podcasters add titles to their soundbites!

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Just updated partytime.hirsch.dev to display if the index is out of sync with the feed under the misc tab

I will get deeplinking/sharable urls working at some point this week. Let me know if you run across any bugs.

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@dave the CSS I added was more than comic sans - code.divshot.com/geo-bootstrap but based on the page, that's really all we saw.

@dave, @mitch and I were walking through the integration with podverse and my copy of the parser. Is there a need for multiple value blocks to support different crypto? like eth and BTC? or is the expectation to do whatever bridging @brianoflondon is doing for hive?

@dave I think private-feed-blocklist needs to be updated to include `babylonbee.com/premium-feed?email=`

npmjs.com/package/podcast-part has been updated and now has matching `categories` logic to the index. Alternatively, `itunesCategory` can be used if you want actual hierarchical info.

@dave specifically some player behavior that don’t allow me to manually add urls.

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