Is there a <podcast:sponsor> tag? Feels like an analogous thing to <podcast:funding> or <podcast:value>

Playing around with a legit design for the podcasting certification check. (can't search, but you can expand sections)

Still isn't quite where I want it, but I'm not sure what to change. I like google's lighthouse report and it would be nice to come up with an overall score for a feed.

Do we have any idea what tags feel like a "must-implement"? Locked and Person?

@dave @martin I think I may have something working. Not very consumable yet, but I think CORS checking works locally

I _think_ is now properly handling all phase 1 and phase 2 elements. Still no CORS checking though.

I've extracted partytime from the aggregator and have a basic certification check. It is only looking at phase 1 because it's a direct port of what @dave put up 3 months ago.


I haven't published it as a separate package yet. I also need to prettify the response.

I have been playing around with a web based api runner. It is pretty bare bones right now, but you can hit the index here - podcast-index-browser.vercel.a

@martin does podfriend support linking to an episode via PI ID?

I tired$ but it doesn't work. I know you have it work for the actual podcast id, wasn't sure if episode was a capability.

If you're interested in capturing metrics, mixpanel just expanded our free tier to allow up to 100k monthly users.

Not sure if it was my client or the server but apparently I made like 20 of the same toots.

@adam overcast just decided to redownload this episode. Not sure if something happened with the feed.

`/stats` support has been added to `podcastdx-client@3.1.0`

@dave I think the "podcasts/byitunesid" endpoint is returning a different "shape" relative to byfeedurl and byfeedid. Is this intentional? The discrepancy seems to be missing chash, imageUrlHash, value, and categories. I was expecting all three of these calls to return the same feed object -

@dave isn't there a way to trigger podcast index to rescan/update a given feed?

I've run across `podcastsByFeedUrl("")` that has lots of `null` episode numbers, but their feed seems correct.

Episodes by `enclosureType` show that `audio/mpeg` is the leader by far, but if you remove that, you can see what others are doing. Why is there an `application/pdf` in there?

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