@dave the CSS I added was more than comic sans - code.divshot.com/geo-bootstrap but based on the page, that's really all we saw.

@dave, @mitch and I were walking through the integration with podverse and my copy of the parser. Is there a need for multiple value blocks to support different crypto? like eth and BTC? or is the expectation to do whatever bridging @brianoflondon is doing for hive?

@dave I think private-feed-blocklist needs to be updated to include `babylonbee.com/premium-feed?email=`

npmjs.com/package/podcast-part has been updated and now has matching `categories` logic to the index. Alternatively, `itunesCategory` can be used if you want actual hierarchical info.

@dave specifically some player behavior that don’t allow me to manually add urls.

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@dave can you addd files.hirsch.dev/rss.xml to the index. I want a feed I can test some things with.


Pretty big deviation in the last 24 hours on the number of urls going through podping compared to last week at the same time.

Makes me wish I was ingesting each url as an individual data point to make breaking it down easier

I've made another beta release of npmjs.com/package/podcast-part it has updated `itunesCategory` parsing as well as support for <itunes:block> and <itunes:complete>

Updated podcast-partytime is out with updated value block parsing and substantially more test coverage. The actual feed and items structure has also changed (hence new major version). I meant to do a beta release, but screwed up so latest is pointing to a beta. I will cut an actual version as soon as the podverse integration is complete.


The types can be seen here - github.com/RyanHirsch/partytim

Here are the podping stats I'm tracking mixpanel.com/p/1ghN9diAeL1zr8Y

I'm in the process of backfilling July 14-25

As a feed consumer, what is the capability or enhancement you can provide based on the "isPermalink" boolean value from the item guid?

<guid isPermaLink="false" ...

Basically, why is it there, how is it used?

Given the feed - feeds.feedburner.com/pod-save- (PI Feed 221620)

When parsing the feed, should the quotes be kept around each title? Should the "smart" (left/right) quotes be converted to standard quotes?

(this is in the context of the partytime feed parser)

Reminder that I setup a discord server for more real-time PodcastIndex communication if anyone is interested

Join Discord - discord.gg/qEWKgfXdtN

@dave why is the value block treated as "special" in the namespace repo? Specifically, it isn't part of a phase, or mentioned at all in the root README.

anyone else out there pushing NPM packages should make sure you're adding "podcasting20" to your keywords


Looks like there is still a scenario where initialization can fail if the get following request fails. I'll update by EOD tomorrow.

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Released v3.2.1 of npmjs.com/package/podping-clie

Will now gracefully handle `getBlockStream` errors internally.

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