Not sure if it was my client or the server but apparently I made like 20 of the same toots.

@adam overcast just decided to redownload this episode. Not sure if something happened with the feed.

`/stats` support has been added to `podcastdx-client@3.1.0`

@dave I think the "podcasts/byitunesid" endpoint is returning a different "shape" relative to byfeedurl and byfeedid. Is this intentional? The discrepancy seems to be missing chash, imageUrlHash, value, and categories. I was expecting all three of these calls to return the same feed object -

@dave isn't there a way to trigger podcast index to rescan/update a given feed?

I've run across `podcastsByFeedUrl("")` that has lots of `null` episode numbers, but their feed seems correct.

Episodes by `enclosureType` show that `audio/mpeg` is the leader by far, but if you remove that, you can see what others are doing. Why is there an `application/pdf` in there?

If I overlay them, the new episodes basically drown out the new feeds. Unless I do a normalization like so

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While new feeds come in on the half-hour (the 2 and greater spikes are at the half-hour)

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it looks like most new episodes flow into the index at the top of every hour (graph from scraped data yesterday)

@martin is there a way I can link to a podfriend feed using the podcast index id or iTunes id? something like that 302s to your canonical URL?

Well here's an attempt at a discord server announcing feeds and episodes -

I finally have a more stable version of the podcast announcer running on Freenode in the -index channel

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