I've extracted partytime from the aggregator and have a basic certification check. It is only looking at phase 1 because it's a direct port of what @dave put up 3 months ago.


I haven't published it as a separate package yet. I also need to prettify the response.

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@RyanHirsch Oh, that's very cool! Are you going to open source it?

@dave plan on it. I didn’t do much but copy and paste your code and clean some stuff up my linter got angry with.

@RyanHirsch @dave That's awesome. You are ahead of me! Maybe we could make this one check for mixed content and CORS too, and it would be podfect!

@martin @RyanHirsch That would be an outstanding product. We could link to it from the main site.

@RyanHirsch @dave I mean if it could check if the podcast in question was CORS enabled, that would be awesome.

@martin @dave lol I gotcha now. I’ll try to work on it a little more once the kids go down

@martin @dave still no CORS determination, but it is published as an actual package now -

What determines a feed's CORS support? I understand CORS, but what endpoint needs to be CORS enabled, the actual feed? ie PC 2.0 is NOT compliant based on this screenshot -

@RyanHirsch @dave That is true, the PC 2.0 feed is not compliant.

I would say it requires both the RSS, chapter files (etc.) and audio files to be CORS enabled to be compliant.

@martin @dave okay, so I can look at adding it to the library and then surfacing it on whatever webpaage is the final certification site (and the API the powers that page, because its just going to be a react page)

@martin @RyanHirsch Yeah, I wish the feeds would be compliant, but that seems like a huge lift for the whole industry. Not sure we can push that enough to make it happen. Maybe I'm wrong?

@dave @RyanHirsch I think it's good to have in there, that way we can send a signal that we want feed, audio and chapters to be CORS enabled (which is the only way for web players to use them without using a proxy).

@dave @RyanHirsch If we are differentiating then I guess I am fine with it just being a recommendation :)
It does make life a lot easier for web apps though, and it also makes it possible to make things like silence skip, waveform visualizations etc. from the web, which is not possible in a browser without CORS on the audio.

@martin @RyanHirsch The next feed dump will have a field containing the most recent episode's enclosure url for each feed. I'd love for someone to take that and see which major hosts do not support CORS for the XML feed itself and the audio file.

For the PC20 feed, we can talk to VoidZero about changing that.

@dave @RyanHirsch I am assuming we would see close to 100% non-support. It’s simply not on the radar of hosts, many probably doesn’t even know what it is... but it often would likely be decently simple to fix.

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