Thanks @petar for all the support and kind words (after a rough day at work it means more to me than you'll ever know):

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@petar: touching tune
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@petar: very original sound, cant really compare it to anyone else
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"Even Keeled"
@petar: ✌️✌️
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"Sculptures In The Dawn"
@petar: great sound man!
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There is a bounty offer for adding support in Alby (browser extension) to tip a Mastodon account that has a Lightning Address in their account profile.

Work is underway currently:

But this is for tipping at the account / profile level, not for an individual post.

If there were EmojiReactions in Mastodon, then post-level tipping could be more easily to Mastodon itself. e..g, ⚡ reaction shows QR code. Total tipped gets shown.

I'm sure this has been talked about many times before but I wish I could truly Boost posts around here in the Podcasting 2.0 sense (and not just repost or favorite).

Oh a new post about a Behind The Sch3m3s episode coming up that includes a custom animation that makes me laugh and/or terrifies me, hit the "real" Boost button or link to send Sats to their behindthesch3m3s@_____.___ address wallet.

Oh a new podcast app added some new features, here's my Sats for your hard work, creativity, etc.

Thanks for the generous Boostagram @SirSpencer:

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@SirSpencer: Great stuff as usual fellas! excited to collaborate soon!!

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New song by Signs Of New Growth (S.O.N.G.) - USA.

This is our poetic eulogy for the United States of America: might be, you can be Gulliver while they're all just Lilliputians, trying in vain to tie down your toes. And this is how you win."

-Joe Jackson
A Cure For Gravity
Excerpt From Page 210

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"We have to follow what excites us, interests us, challenges us, and makes us feel alive, and put aside whatever does not; and if we can't make a living out of it, we should hang on to our day jobs. We must be wary of facts and figures and pundits and PR, of critics both internal and external, and all those cocksure movers and shakers who tell you they have their fingers on the pulse; they don't have a finger on yours. If you're doing what makes you feel alive, no matter how obscure or uncool...

So weird I've been trying to boost the latest Podcasting 2.0 episode in Fountain but keep getting a "PAYMENT ERROR - CHECK WALLET FOR DETAILS".

Nothing is showing up in the Transactions menu and no Sats have been transferred anywhere (I have more than enough in my wallet).

Did this a few times then heard my boost from last week being read (which had the same results) so there may be many duplicate messages with a phantom Sats glitch somehow not sure what's going on...


Thanks for the generous boosts and encouragement:

[SatoshisStream Bot 🤖:
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Able Kirby: Listening again

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🎉 Received boostagram for Signs Of New Growth

Able Kirby: Always great to hear new stuff. Keep it up!

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We're "bedroom rock" so it's far from sounding recording studio perfect but at least for us this is a truly independent fun way to record/distribute music.

@ablekirby @SirSpencer

Tried sending a boost to one of Robert Willey's songs through Fountain but it gave me an error on his end. I'll give him a heads up via email since as far as I know he's not on here?

New song by S.O.N.G. - Sculptures In The Dawn:

"If you would take this offer - I’d gladly part the sea - Go down into the valley - Where the pearls of wisdom sleep - Obi-Wan Oba Diah - You are the one - You’re gone until you’re not - So sit down and jot - A proclamation for now and tomorrow - Sculptures in the dawn - And ducks on the pond - What are you waiting for?"

Thanks to whoever streamed and boosted our two latest songs "Even Keeled" and "Surveillance" yesterday (it was the perfect way to end the weekend):

SatoshisStream Bot 🤖:

🎉 Income last 5 minutes:

Signs Of New Growth - 4 total payments
1150 sat (1056 boost, 94 stream)

🎉 Income last 5 minutes:

Signs Of New Growth - 4 total payments
1151 sat (1056 boost, 95 stream)

S.O.N.G. offers original tunes that we are proud to distribute through the Lightning Music RSS Value For Value system. This means if you find any value in what we create that we are set up to receive Bitcoin payments in real-time over the Lightning Network using modern Podcasting 2.0 apps which can be found at:

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"Set a ransom handsome - Odyssey and spectacle - One detectable and even keeled - Throw a tantrum glance some - Momentary slip up that’s defensible yet even keeled - Muttering and stuttering - A phrase that just wouldn’t shoot - Keep it even keeled even though you’re teeter tottering - Come elaborate and pass around the plate - The cornerstone of raising up the day - Hold your breath and don’t blow - You’re only seconds before the show - In case your miffed and feeling low..."

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New song by S.O.N.G. - "Even Keeled"

In light of the disagreements that have surfaced recently in this project (which is healthy and inevitable) we present to you some abstract inspiration from our perspective:

Thank you to whoever this is that boosted/streamed our song "Surveillance" this evening which showed up in Telegram via Satoshis Stream [ ]:

🎉 Signs Of New Growth - 4 total payments
1105 sat (1056 boost, 49 stream) 🎉

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