New song by S.O.N.G. - "Even Keeled"

In light of the disagreements that have surfaced recently in this project (which is healthy and inevitable) we present to you some abstract inspiration from our perspective:

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"Set a ransom handsome - Odyssey and spectacle - One detectable and even keeled - Throw a tantrum glance some - Momentary slip up that’s defensible yet even keeled - Muttering and stuttering - A phrase that just wouldn’t shoot - Keep it even keeled even though you’re teeter tottering - Come elaborate and pass around the plate - The cornerstone of raising up the day - Hold your breath and don’t blow - You’re only seconds before the show - In case your miffed and feeling low..."

S.O.N.G. offers original tunes that we are proud to distribute through the Lightning Music RSS Value For Value system. This means if you find any value in what we create that we are set up to receive Bitcoin payments in real-time over the Lightning Network using modern Podcasting 2.0 apps which can be found at:

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