Hey look, Wild Turkey is giving money to Spotify to advertise on my kid's show. Pulling my shows off Spotify tonight.

@SirSpencer I don't know what happened, it looks like WT is sponsoring ALL podcasts on Spotify. Podcast twitter is blowing up. It is showing up on Christian and sobriety podcasts.

@Medus @SirSpencer wow lol and we were just talking about “brand safety” in podcasting. We didn’t talk about the brands not being safe for podcasts.

@mitch @Medus @SirSpencer Yeah it’s a good example if brand safety being a two-way street.

@dave @mitch @SirSpencer @adam is right though, I did have to signup for Spotify, and knew they could do something like this. I feel like this is a teachable moment and a great opportunity to push v4v.

@adam @SirSpencer I know I did, but I have been meaning to get off Spotify anyway, and this just gave me a reminder why.

@Medus @SirSpencer

<podcast:block exclude="apple,spotify">no</podcast:block>

Is another way to roll.


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