Okay, this thing isn’t production ready, but it is developer ready. It’s my very first major app, so still a lot of quirks to work out, but I’m comfortable enough sharing it with you guys now. Thanks everyone for putting up with my questions.

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@StevenB CAN confirm works well with my sir gene speaks podcast. All elements except transcript are working.
One thing of note, the only way to get back to the large chapter image after looking at playlists is to click on it at the bottom. Not obvious.

Thanks for the feedback!!!
Transcripts is on the way. I'm thinking about how I want the UX to look. I'm also looking at a way to parse the transcript file into a full text file without the time codes so the whole thing can be read or searched.

Any suggestions on how you would expect to be able to get back to the large chapter image? On the desktop, when you hover over the image it enlarges, but that still may not be obvious, and on mobile, even less obvious.

@StevenB I think having the main image (from each chapter) as one of the 'tabs' the way Overcast does it is pretty good. Other apps use similar method.

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