Tired of wondering if your Boostagram went through?

Wonder no more.

Transaction history is now available in your CurioCaster wallet settings.

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HUZZAH! You're the best! Looking forward to trying it out.

@StevenB woooo you're the best. Exactly what I was looking for!

@Meremortals @StevenB Kyrin, I finally decoded your lost boostagrams and will read tomorrow. Sorry that took forever!

Love the notes. 😉

@StevenB Love this! Suggest doing totals by podcast with a drill down by stream and boost payments.

@adam @StevenB This is what fountain has and it’s a really nice feature. It has totals for each podcast and then a list of past transactions.

@ChadF @adam

I really like how Fountain does it, but I think they're keeping track of transactions on their back end, whereas I'm getting my data from LNPays API. Right now, only twenty items can be returned at a time, but I'm hoping Tim K eventually opens up an API that allows the whole history to be downloaded so I can parse through it and allow better filtering by podcast/boost/stream. As of now, I'd have to hit his back end way to much to get all of the data or store it myself.

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