How does the non-initiated person tell by looking at which apps will allow them stream sats to their favorite podcast? Seems confusing. Wish I had web dev chops to revamp this. I also don’t think that apps and hosting providers should be listed together.

@theDanielJLewis @Drebscott I'm working on getting @StevenB's changes rolled out to the production site now. Just been tied up. He put a lot of filtering options in.


@dave @theDanielJLewis @Drebscott

I agree it's confusing, and value doesn't mean much to anyone outside of our little circle, so I've added Boostagram and Sat Streaming as two more supported elements, and have CurioCaster showing it supports both of those. That apps that support those items should update their app entry in the index to show the support.

I also changed CurioCaster being labeled as an "app" to being labeled as a "podcast player" because I think "app" is too broad.

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@StevenB @dave @theDanielJLewis @Drebscott love all these changes. Looking forward to the filtering going into effect

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