How important is a podcaster's website to a podcaster's audience?

I can only think of one podcast website I ever visit, and that's No Agenda when I'm looking for the source documents for a clip or article they mention.

Other than that, my interaction with a podcast is exclusively in a podcast player.

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@StevenB I think it's not very important to a podcaster's existing audience, but I've heard it argued that it's important for SEO/discovery reasons (ie potential new audience)

@StevenB If notes are properly added, then an existing audience might need the website only for search.

But the biggest value of the website is in gaining a new audience.

If your podcast is informational (educational, inspirational, helpful, etc.), then it could really benefit from SEO.

Entertaining podcasts don't benefit _as much_ from SEO, but the benefit is still real.

@StevenB I often go directly to a shows website for listening in to the livestream

@behindthesch3m3s If you could listen live in a podcast app and you knew the show was live, which would you prefer?

@StevenB This is when I’m working at my computer, on mobile hands down would love to listen live thru an app.

@StevenB Also I pull a ton of isos for our show from other NA Stream shows so I’m often going to their websites to download the episodes.

@behindthesch3m3s I'm going to add downloading to CurioCaster soon. Might help speed things up for at least downloading the episode if all your shows are in one place.


I rarely go to a podcast's website. However, Podcasting 2.0 ActivityPub comments allow all podcast comments to end up on the website and vice versa.

For me, the website is an easy way to interact with the show, provide basic information, and act as a hub.

I am using Castopod for that reason. My personal podcast site uses an Alpha version but I will upgrade to the Beta once there are instructions for upgrading.

Very simple, but gets the job done.

@chrislw That makes sense, especially for the Activity Pub integration, and Castopod gives you a dashboard for managing your podcast, so it only makes sense to have a front facing website as well if you're already paying for the server.

@StevenB Well, that and you need to have an RSS feed source anyway, so why not make it functional as well?

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