Sovereign Feeds is ready for some beta testers for Chapter creation. Any suggestions, bug reports, or complaints are welcome.

If you're logged in, your saved chapters are synced across devices, so you can mark chapters while listening on your mobile device, then come back later when you're at your desktop to add artwork links.

On mobile, it's best if installed as an app rather then viewing in your web browser.

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@StevenB Been playing around with it. I think you nailed it brother. Just need a webhook to send to the same server as the feed now 🙂



Your team might be interested in developing an API endpoint on your end that lets a podcaster use any chapter creation tool they want, then they send the finished chapters file to your server for you to host for them. Since it's not their main RSS feed, it may be worth experimenting with it.

That's how I'm handling letting people upload their RSS feed to their own server using Sovereign Feeds, and I'll have something similar for Chapters ready in a few days.

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