musiccasting - Onboarding musicians to Podcasting 2.0 and Value for Value

@adam This is a great video and very dense. No wonder we have an onboarding issue but if people just start using the apps I think there is so much enjoyment with it that I think people will be willing to work through it. That's what has kept this whole thing going so far,

Comparing a lighting node to a cash register is interesting.


@ChadF @adam

I think we're about to see another wave of activity that's going to make onboarding much easier. I think Alby, MASH and other similar applications are going to make it much easier to onboard.

I'm still surprised by how much has been done in the last year. It's hard to believe, but the first boostagram was sent less than a year ago. I can't even imagine how far the whole ecosystem will be a year from now.

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@StevenB @adam

It definitely is getting much easier. I remember last Jan struggling to get sats from cash app to Sphinx and now I'm sending sats across several apps with out even thinking about it.

I hear Adam mention that listeners of CATK are struggling to support the show with sats and I just wonder what were missing.

@ChadF @adam

I think what we're missing is a single wallet that can be used across multiple apps, and tutorials on how to use that wallet. I think Alby or something similar is going to be the solution. Right now Alby is a browser extension, which only works if the extension is installed, and doesn't work on mobile, but they're currently working on a solution that will work on mobile devices. Mash looks like it works even without an extension, but they're still very early in development.

@StevenB @adam A single wallet would be a game changer. I've been very impressed with Alby so far for it being so new.

@ChadF @adam

Me too. I've been working with them on some solutions so it can be used not only in the browser, but also mobile and native apps. If they get that working and make a killer podcaster wallet with the ability to do leaderboards, view boostagrams, etc, they're have the potential to become a big player in all of this.

@ChadF @adam @merryoscar haven't used Strike for purchasing bitcoin yet. Looks easy! Nice job on the video.

@sliekpodcast @adam @merryoscar Dave recommended it early on and that’s what I’ve been using this entire time.

I played around with the site you sent me but just ended up using it to trim the video and cut out some private info because I was short on time.

@StevenB we used Alby wallets for the value block for S.O.M. and it works great. You can view boostagram messages in your account and everything.


Where did you find your wallet info to put in the valueBlock?

@StevenB click the wallet tab at the top and scroll down. I think they just added it recently. Noticed for the first time last week.


Oh yeah, I was in the browser extension, not the website. That's really slick.

@StevenB SLIEK Media is in the split for 5% and this is what it looks like on my end on a desktop.

@sliekpodcast @StevenB That's definitely new. I didn't see that a few weeks ago when I set it up.

@ChadF @StevenB when I set up Hider's music album last week I was thinking man I wish I could use Alby because it would be easy to onboard him. So I decided to look around in my account and see if there was some way I could do it and it was there. Lol Definitely new though.

@sliekpodcast @ChadF

Yeah, that's really cool. I just sent them an email this morning saying they should do something like that, and come to find out they already have. I'm definitely going to recommend them for podcaster wallets.

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