Hey everyone. I'm going to discontinue the Sovereign Feeds hosted wallets. I won't be deleting any wallets already set up, and you can continue to use them, but you should probably move your sats over to your Alby wallet and change your valueBlock.

Alby has hosted wallets, and I think it's a better solution because you can use that one wallet across multiple apps. If you're curious how to use Alby to create your own Podcaster Wallet, let me know and I can help you out.

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@StevenB Yup, I’ve forwarded him the message and we’ll figure out where to migrate to.


I'd really check out the Ably wallets. They seem to fit the bill for what a podcaster needs. @JakeHider and @sliekpodcast have used it in one of their feeds, and it seems to be working well.

@StevenB @JakeHider @sliekpodcast

I set one up but haven’t explored all that much. Definitely will check it out further.

@StevenB I’m curious to see how to do it as well if you have time to explain it. No rush.

@dave @StevenB login to Alby on their website and click the wallet tab at the top of the page.


It's really easy.

1) Login / Signup to Alby

2) Click on Wallet
3) Scroll down to see your Podcaster Wallet Info
4) add that info to or your feed

@dave @StevenB so behind the scenes this is still a keysend payment to Alby's node, correct? And I assume they use the valueRecipient to determine who the payment goes to specifically?

@rheedio @dave

That's right. It looks like it's working very similar to a LNPay wallet, which a lot of the apps are using for hosting their in-app wallets. The keysend gets sent to their node, the customKey lets them know it's a hosted wallet, and the customValue tells them which hosted wallet to apply the transaction to. If you didn't have the customKey and customValue in your valueBlock, the sats would just go to their node, so those two items are real important to make sure you get paid.

@dave @StevenB
I just took the same as LNPay 🙄 ... tbh this is stupid and we should take something else, or at least this should not be user-facing

@dave @StevenB we have been testing it with the value tag for Jake Hider's music feed that I set up. Seems to work great. I've been talking with them about ways they can improve and add some features.

@StevenB @dave we just have one track that is doubled listed. Probably due to how I am hosting the xml. Looking into different options so that doesn't happen again.

@sliekpodcast @dave

I've also been asking them about creating an API that gives an app permission to access the transaction history of a wallet so 3rd party apps like embeddable leaderboards or boostagram walls can be built.

@StevenB @sliekpodcast @dave we actually got an (so far undocumented) API to load the transactions.

on under settings you find an API key.
With that you can do a GET with an API-TOKEN header.

It gives you the JSON of the payments chronologically ordered.

This is WIP, but it is good to hear what you would need or want to build.

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