I just looked at Fountain's 1)"Ten eclectic podcasts that listeners on Fountain love" and 2)"Ten eclectic podcasts that listeners on Fountain love"

1) explore.fountain.fm/blog/ten-b

2) explore.fountain.fm/blog/ten-e

And here's what I found...

Of the Top 10 Bitcoin Podcast, only one is using a Host found on podcastindex.org/apps?appTypes

Libsyn doesn't show itself as support value, but does appear to have a way to put custom tags into the feed.

Of the Top 10 Eclectic, the four podcasts with the valueBlock in the feed are all self-hosted.

However, there are now three podcast hosts, and one video host that allows a podcaster to put the the valueBlock in the feed.

By continuing Podcaster Wallet, we are encouraging people to keep using Anchor, instead of sending the strong signal if you want to be supported through streaming payments, you need to use a better host. Those host are now available, and we should encourage there innovation by sending them podcasters that want to enable value in their feed.

I think it's time to start weaning podcasters off of Podcaster Wallet. It was always meant to be shim, not a solution, with the idea the host would start implementing the value block. It's been over a year of proving the valueBlock works, and any host that doesn't want to innovate with us should lose their podcasters to hosts who are willing to innovate. That will only happen when we remove the shim.

@StevenB Podcaster Wallet is the only reason we started the discussion on the .well-known v4v fee advertisement, because it inherently isn't the source of truth.

Since we're not ready to add value directly to our feeds (for complicated software development lifecycle reasons only), we had to come up with a reasonable way for people to claim their feeds in services like podcaster wallet or fountain while not getting away with without a host fee.

Not having the shim would certainly simplify this.


If your feet were to the fire, how long do you estimate it would take you to implement a UI for your users to input their wallet info and you start adding a value block to each NAT feed?

I understand you're an engineer, so do things a quite a bit more professionally than I do, so I'm just curious how long you think it would take to properly build something out.

I'm thinking the weaning would be 3-6 months to give hosts a chance to build the infrastructure if they wanted to.

@StevenB If I didn't plan on upstreaming everything I've done to PeerTube, I could do it in a day.

The issue is I don't plan on maintaining my own fork forever. I have to work within the confines of how the original developers would want the feature. That decision creates two very different paths of implementation, one much longer than the other.


The long road of 6 months is probably realistic for the politically friendly path, though.



I think by the end of the year would be reasonable. That would be right around the 2 year anniversary for value enabled podcasts. Any host who hasn't implemented by then probably doesn't want to anyway.

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