I just looked at Fountain's 1)"Ten eclectic podcasts that listeners on Fountain love" and 2)"Ten eclectic podcasts that listeners on Fountain love"

1) explore.fountain.fm/blog/ten-b

2) explore.fountain.fm/blog/ten-e

And here's what I found...

Of the Top 10 Bitcoin Podcast, only one is using a Host found on podcastindex.org/apps?appTypes

Libsyn doesn't show itself as support value, but does appear to have a way to put custom tags into the feed.

Of the Top 10 Eclectic, the four podcasts with the valueBlock in the feed are all self-hosted.

However, there are now three podcast hosts, and one video host that allows a podcaster to put the the valueBlock in the feed.

By continuing Podcaster Wallet, we are encouraging people to keep using Anchor, instead of sending the strong signal if you want to be supported through streaming payments, you need to use a better host. Those host are now available, and we should encourage there innovation by sending them podcasters that want to enable value in their feed.

I think it's time to start weaning podcasters off of Podcaster Wallet. It was always meant to be shim, not a solution, with the idea the host would start implementing the value block. It's been over a year of proving the valueBlock works, and any host that doesn't want to innovate with us should lose their podcasters to hosts who are willing to innovate. That will only happen when we remove the shim.

@StevenB Should we then also remove apps that don't do value4value?

I don't think we should force anyone to do anything at this juncture.

A lot of moving parts for everyone on all sides of the ecosystem. Give it time. Podcasting is a slow mover. Good stuff always is.

I'm not suggesting we remove apps or force anyone to do anything. If our mantra and guiding philosophy is the 'feed is the source of truth', then I'm suggesting we make plans to move in that direction now that there are hosts available that make that possible.

@StevenB @adam I am hosted by Podbean, which supports no Podcasting 2.0 features. I wanted to self-host when my year plan ran out but Castopod was not quite ready for me at the time. So I am riding that pony around the sun one more time and will move to Castopod at the end of this renewal.

In the mean time I hand-hack 2.0 tags into my self-hosted feed. 🤷‍♂️ Adam's right: for a lot of different reasons these things move slowly even among early adopters... it's not time to apply brakes anywhere IMO.


Podcasting is by it's very nature a purity test. If it's not in the feed, it's not part of the podcast. That is true for ever single tag except for value. I understand how important the value tag is, and I understand using the shim to get something going. My suggestion is to start moving away from that and to set a hard date for when it would be discontinued so the podcasters can find a better host, and the hosts can become that better host.



Just like we have the slogan "Get a better app at newpodcastapps.com" I'm suggesting it's time to start pushing for "Get a better host at newpodcasthosts.com"

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