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I just wanted to clear up a misunderstanding. I never meant to imply CurioCaster was or would take 20%. It's always been 3% for CC and 1% for the PI, which is what I always thought the intention for the apps was from over a year ago. The 3% was to make sure the app developers got paid. I added another 1%, because I think LNPay should get paid for providing wallets.

When I mentioned 20%, I never had CC in mind. I was strictly thinking about NATube in that scenario.

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The whole point of that thread for me was

1) How should fees be handled, off the top or added on?
2) I think an app like NATube, which is providing a unique and expensive service would be justified in wanting a 20% fee.

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I don't want you to think I was ever thinking CC should be getting 20%. I've been very happy with 3%, and have always thought it to be fair.

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Finally, I'm working on the UI/UX to let the listener decide the percentage of each transaction that goes to the app, letting CCs fees truly be v4v. I'm trusting that v4v will be the best course, but if I'm completely honest, it can be daunting to trust that v4v works when it really does seem like it's 5-10% of the users that actually provide treasure, but then someone like @petar comes along with a 5,000,000 sat boost and make it seem like it all may just work out.

@StevenB @dave @petar This not well understood, but yes, when the v4v turbine is spinning, this happens with surprising regularity. No Agenda got a $10k donation in one shot last year. But believe me, the "donation segment", or some version of it is critical.

LIT shows are clearly a great v4v driver as well.

@adam @StevenB @petar Some form of adapted UI type substitution for a donation segment would be a good brainstorm.

@StevenB @dave I used you as a crunch in the dialog, I figured a Texan could handle it :-)

Thank you, because it made for a food discussion that gave everyone something to think about.

@StevenB @adam @dave
Yea this is what I was originally talking about, not Fountain (fountain came up later in the thread, I don't actually use fountain). I was against the idea of NATube just adding 20% onto a boost. Now I wouldn't be against this if I (the user) decided the amount in a V4V style. I hope no one thinks I don't want to pay for apps! For something like NATube a monthly subscription might be a better way to go though.

@harvhat @StevenB @adam @dave

If the community decided we should do monthly subscriptions to cover costs. It flies in the face of open source value 4 value. What we are building is anyone will be able to host a video service and receive host fees v4v.

(And as an aside we intend to reduce the 20% rate if it ever becomes viable, but everyone who has talked to us directly already knows this)

As it stands, we believe the populace at large undervalues the costs of IT and software development.


Is there a repo I can pull from to try making my own instance, or should I just be using PeerTube's github?


For immediate Podcast RSS feeds you can use our fork on GitHub for now, otherwise use PeerTube's GitHub and we'll get the feature merged hopefully soon.

Their docker image/compose method is the easiest route, and we have our own docker image that you can drop into their compose file.


Thanks, was hoping for a link to your github, though probably for now using PeerTubes is all I need so I'll do that,

@StevenB @adam @dave Thats the way it seemed to me. 20% was just an example for NATube.

Fountain has always charged 5% on top of everything you send and no one has even mentioned it over the past several months until the 20% example came up. I'm perfectly fine with an app taking 5% but I do have the $2.99 premium account on Fountain that removes the 5% fee because I really like that approach as-well.

@StevenB @adam @dave Podverse has an extra field of supporting the app when you boost that I really like and this is defaulted to 5% as-well.

@ChadF @StevenB @adam Yeah that’s a good feel. I wouldn’t mind a pop up once a month asking if I’d like to shoot the app a boost. I would do it every time.

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