I'm pinning podcasters who have sent me support to the top of the playlists in CurioCaster to give some value back. Hopefully it helps more people discover your work. Since you've been real consistent with your support, and I know you're looking to promote MedusPod more, I have you as the first one. Thanks for everything you've done!!!

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@StevenB @Medus

Have you considered a ticker tape boost replayer for curiocaster? Not comments per say but something that would show recent boosts sent. Check out next time you hop in the troll room. It’s real cool to see all these boosts for different shows flow thru one spot.

@behindthesch3m3s @Medus

Hmmm... I can totally see that working for your show and any other show that has Sovereign Feeds in their value block, because I get access to all of your boosts. That would be particularly interesting during a live show to increase audience engagement.

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