What do you guys think about adding a value block to the metadata of a mp3? I don't know much about mp3 standards, but it would be cool to have a music app with value block info for the song in it.

@StevenB Sounds like a cool idea to me. Is there some sort of standards body that controls what ID3 formats look like?



I have no idea. I've been thinking about Adam's idea of people getting paid in sats anytime one of their clips is played on a sound board, and I'm brainstorming how best to have the LN address tied to the mp3. I was thinking embedding the info in the mp3 itself would be the easiest, but I'm not very savy on mp3 technology or standards. I didn't even realize the metadata that went with an mp3 was actually embedded in the mp3 until recently.

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If the persons LN address is embedded in the mp3 itself, then the file can be hosted on github, be totally open sourced, and the address is always tied to that file without needing a centralized database.

if I listen to the podcast will I understand anything you guys just said? I have the free time for the archive too, but can’t help but go all Teddy K and just say “just buy a T-shirt from the artist” if you truly want to support them. I love your guys’ ambition and vision however because support can manifest in so many ways. Unless I’m way off


Doing some research, it looks like we can use the TXXX field with our own custom descriptions. I'm going to play around with it and see if I can't build something that people can easily edit their mp3 clips to add their node address to the metadata.

@StevenB @dave

One thing that I've had consistent issues with is finding a cartwall/jingle board/sound board that works well.

If there was an Iso Index that you could run soundboards out of and that would boost the originators of the isos?

Oh my goodness. We would gladly donate ~1300 isos for this.


I don't know anything about cartwall/jingle board/sound board...

Is it a board that interfaces with the computer, or is it more like a program or website with virtual buttons you can click?

@StevenB There's a bunch of routes you could choose. I believe @fletcher of Hog Story has his midi piano keys mapped to Ableton triggers. Something like a novation launchpad would be similar, where you use the midi buttons to fire sfxs.

For our live show I use three different applications.

In Resanance I make a new board every episode for the new isos pulled during the week: resanance.com/



MIXXX is used to play clips out of a playlist, and it's also play isos fast back to back. Resanance will crash if you try to play isos too fast. It's annoying: mixxx.org/

Finally, to search the archives for isos on the fly I use Everything. I can pull isos from the search from this to drop into MIXXX: voidtools.com/

@StevenB I've tried close to a dozen. None of them really nail it imho.

Side tangent. My favorite was always Multiplay. We used it for all sorts of community theatre. It's great for crafting soundscapes. It's got pretty good control of clip playback. All the show files are saved as XML. The killer tho was the soundboard maxed out at around 96 buttons.


This is a link to show file from ep 33: feed.behindthesch3m3s.com/Ep%2

@StevenB Sweet. Will that be a browser thing or a native app?


I only know browser stuff, but I suppose I could wrap it with something to make it a native or desktop app.

@dave @StevenB ID3 already allows user-defined text frames (Txxx).

You could standardize on TV4V as the frame id, and the value tag json as the text value

Check out "4.2.2 TXXX User defined text information frame" in id3.org/id3v2.4.0-frames


I have some confusion about TXXX

Should it be TXXX with a custom description, like V4V, or are the XXXs a placeholder, and we can build our own thing like TV4V?

@StevenB placeholder

convention is treat any frame starting with T as a text frame

TV4V seems perfect to me

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