I moved the Webhooks Settings to the hamburger menu, in case you were looking for them.

I don't know if this is coincidence, or done on purpose, but the hsl value for the Podcasting 2.0 red is

hsl(0, 100%, 33%)

I always knew Podcasting 2.0 was 100% 33.

Using Thunderhub, how do I convert the Bitcoin to Lightning and should I?



If you spin up a quick server and have it serve this html file, you'll find there's an embeddable Lightning Payment widget that links to your API and looks surprisingly similar to this.

I still have some work to do on making the CSS variables customizable, and doing some documentation, but the guts of the project are there.

Once your in your wallet, click on Wallet Info, and you'll see the items to enter into your value:block. With those entered, you should be able to start receiving sats to your wallet.

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In the morning all you early adopters, scissor runners, and eye pokers.

After listening to @adam talk about adding WebHooks to Sovereign Feeds, a light bulb clicked. Any host that wants to can set up a route to receive the XML file and do with it as they wish, and that host could be you.

So I've added a Beta version of WebHooks to Sovereign Feeds. If you have a server, you can set up an endpoint to handle a POST from Sovereign Feeds which will send the XML file to your server.

Podcasting 2.0 LIVE tonight at 6:30pm Central Time

Visit CurioCaster to get your pre-show boosts in.



I'm noticing the image for Torcon 7 isn't showing up and I get a xml error when I try to got to the link to the artwork.



I went ahead and built it this weekend. If the you select Create a New Feed, you have the choice of a podcast or music album. If your <podcast:medium> is 'music', it changes the UI to make it more intuitive for a band to build a feed using existing namespace items.

Here's an example with Stay Awhile by Able and the Wolf. Notice how the names of things are different, like Song title instead of Episode title.


Have you thought about asking Slim about the beefinitiative.com/ website and promoting newpodcastapps.com, or listing the podcasting apps that support his vision of value 4 value and using Bitcoin as a means of payment instead of all the legacy apps he has listed?


What is episode duration returned from the index based on?

The docs say the enclosureUrl (I'm assuming length?), but I also see <itunes:duration> in a lot of feeds.

CurioCaster now has the option of viewing your streaming/boost amounts in dollars.

Hopefully this will allow you to more accurately provide the value you want to the podcasts you help produce.

CurioCaster now lets you see and boost upcoming Live Episodes. Click the Scheduled Programming button to see a list of upcoming episodes.


I did a search for Dan Carlin, and it looks like a bunch of duplicates are returned.

CurioCaster may not be for everyone, but your sats are your sats, so if you ever decide you'd like to transfer them somewhere else, you can. Simply use Withdraw From Wallet in your wallet settings, and paste or scan a lightning invoice to withdraw your sats from your CurioCaster wallet.

@martin @mitch @StevenB @francosolerio @amugofjava @benjaminbellamy @kingonly @dellagustin

I'm thinking we may all need to agree on some format for a link to subscribe to an episode in each of our apps. If we want the podcaster to be able to create a follow this podcast on an awesome Podcasting 2.0 app, it would be nice to give them a common format we all use. Something like




If you're self hosting your own RSS feed and have a live show, Sovereign Feeds now makes it super easy to add liveItem to your RSS feed.

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