Thanks @petar for all the support and kind words (after a rough day at work it means more to me than you'll ever know):

🎉 Received boostagrams for Signs Of New Growth

@petar: touching tune
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@petar: very original sound, cant really compare it to anyone else
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"Even Keeled"
@petar: ✌️✌️
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"Sculptures In The Dawn"
@petar: great sound man!
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Good day for Podverse yesterday 😳

Thanks to everyone helping spread the word 🙏



Your team might be interested in developing an API endpoint on your end that lets a podcaster use any chapter creation tool they want, then they send the finished chapters file to your server for you to host for them. Since it's not their main RSS feed, it may be worth experimenting with it.

That's how I'm handling letting people upload their RSS feed to their own server using Sovereign Feeds, and I'll have something similar for Chapters ready in a few days.


I moved the Webhooks Settings to the hamburger menu, in case you were looking for them.


What program are you guys using to make your demo videos?

Sovereign Feeds is ready for some beta testers for Chapter creation. Any suggestions, bug reports, or complaints are welcome.

If you're logged in, your saved chapters are synced across devices, so you can mark chapters while listening on your mobile device, then come back later when you're at your desktop to add artwork links.

On mobile, it's best if installed as an app rather then viewing in your web browser.

@mikeneumann created a video demonstrating how to create a RSS feed using Sovereign Feeds, which helps you self-host your RSS feed using most of the Podcasting 2.0 tags.

Thanks Mike!!!

"Get a modern podcast app."

Podverse lets you sync your listening history across iOS, Android, F-Droid, and web.

@dave Unless something broke, you should be able to. You'll get a message letting you know a podping was sent if it's working.

@harvhat @adam @SirSpencer @dave

That's where I lean as well. Kind of like how Breez only shows podcasts that have the value tag since their focus is on lightning, a music app would only show "podcasts" that had the medium tag set to music.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll add your suggestions to my queue.

I also want to figure something out while I'm offline. I'm the creator of CurioCaster and if I'm mowing the grass, I end up using Podverse instead of my own app because I want to listen to something offline.

I'll have to think about it, and figure out what I may be able to do within the limitations of web technology.

@SirSpencer @adam @dave

Maybe bytag, but we would want something that combines bytag and byterm, since we want to do a search for Able and the Wolf, but only return results that have <podcast:medium> music.

This would also be useful for an exclusively video app, audio book app, etc.

@adam @BaronCC

@dave The number one things that would help a music player is the ability to filter Index results by media type. If I do a search for No Agenda in a music app, I'm looking for songs and/or Artist titled No Agenda, and don't want the podcast showing up in the search results.

Also, search queries at the episode level for looking for specific songs. Similar to the Podcast search function, but for episodes.


Whoa dude, today's Bitcoin Pizza Day, not Hive Pizza Day😜

@SirSpencer @Cbrooklyn112

It looks like that sats are being removed from that wallet, but that's all a facade to make the app seem more responsive. In reality, if the payment doesn't go through, the sats stay in the wallet, and the balance you're seeing will be less than your actual balance until you restart the app. The only time you're seeing your actual balance is during your initial load. Everything after that is lipstick on a pig.

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