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I've been working on adding filters for the apps page. Should be ready in a few more days.

Is there any reason the PC2.0 website is using React Class based components instead of functional components?

I was messing around with some stuff, and I prefer functional components, and the React team recommends new components being built as functional components, but all the components I've opened are class based.

For maintainability, is the preference to use class components, or does it not matter?

Is there any rhyme or reason as to how the apps are ordered on

I think the apps that support value should get the top spots, but my opinion is certainly biased.

Since No Agenda Social is closed, what's some alternative mastodon servers others are using that don't mind political discourse in the thread?


Does RedCircle allow a podcaster to upload their episodes, transcript files, chapter files, and their own RSS Feed and you guys host it for them, or do they have to use your built-in RSS creator?

I've been working on Sovereign Feeds so a podcaster can create a feed with quite a few of the PC2.0 namespace items, but right now they download the RSS feed and upload to their own server.

Also, after they’ve updated their feed, is their a podping API I can hit to allow them to ping the database on new episodes, or would that be something I’d have to build my own API for?

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I’m working on Sovereign Feeds being able to create brand new feeds for new podcasts, but once that’s done, I’d like a way for the user to be able to let the index know they’ve uploaded their new podcast to their server.

Is there a site I would send them to, or any API I can hit with the RSS URL?

After a new feed is submitted to the index, how long does it typically take for the feed to show up in search results?

Is there any reason to include
<itunes:author> AND <author>
<itunes:summary> AND <description>
in an RSS feed?

It seems like these tags are duplicating info, and I’d like to minimize feed size to save on bandwidth, so I’m thinking <author> and <description> are all that’s needed and the other tags can be removed, however, I’m not sure if that would be a good idea.

Any help?

I'm deleting CurioCaster's Twitter profile tonight. I created it for marketing CurioCaster, but Twitter doesn't align with my values, so I'm choosing to deplatform them.

I've created a mirror of the CurioCaster RSS Generator called Sovereign Feeds.

My goal is to create an RSS feed generator that allows self-hosters the ability to easily add Podcasting 2.0 namespace tags to their feeds.

It took longer than expected but the CurioCaster RSS Generator now supports <podcast:images>

Simply upload images of various sizes to your server, then click the Images tab in the Genny and paste the url to the image. The Genny will take care of the rest.

But wait, there's more!!! A default <podcast:image> will automatically be added to your feed by mirroring the image you use for the channel as well as each new episode added.

Why does it seem people give less value in sats than they would in USD?

I suspect it’s because the conversion is mentally taxing, and 10000 sats seems like a lot, and $5 seems like a little, even though they currently have roughly equal buying power. I also suspect people give less, because they expect the sats to increase in buying power over the years, so they’re giving sats based on predicted future value rather than current value.

Because the CurioCaster RSS Generator is in the PC2.0 value block, I’m able to take the sats coming to me, and figure out roughly how much the PC2.0 feed is bringing. Individual boosts will skew this a little bit, but the total streaming and group boost going to PC2.0 since Nov. 24th has been 518601 sats. That’s roughly $260. Way less than I expected. Marco from Overcast, donates $500 per month. As a group, we’re doing $260 per month. 🤔

Alright, I'm out of the hospital and back in the saddle.

Podcasting 2.0 should have <podcast:medium> in the RSS feed as soon as Adam publishes it.

Anyone using the CurioCaster RSS Generator
should have <podcast:medium>podcast</podcast:medium> automatically added to their feed file. If you'd like to change the type of media for your feed, go to the Podcast Metadata tab and select the appropriate media type.

Polyethylene Glycol is a real pain in the butt.

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