Is there a list of other No Agenda friendly Mastodon instances?

@matthewdropco Add the people behind the Palmer Report to the list of people that need their heads shaved.

I mentioned how about 4 years ago facebook started using algorithms to determine if a comment/post is positive or negative towards a subject. And they are simply using this to eliminate all posts that do not reflect the narrative they want to show you.

I described it like this. When you look at facebook, you are not seeing people and their opinions. You are seeing robots wearing the faces of people. Repeating their programming.

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Who else would love to see #RonPaul go on the @joerogan show to talk about Afghanistan and everything else he's been right about for the last 5 decades? #RonPaulWasRight

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Your own paper published a major series using secret documents and interviews showing that this was no "intelligence failure." The top military brass and political leadership deliberately lied for years, knowing the ANSF was a fraud. Try reading it:

A ‘new normal’ involving forced face covering because of someone else’s religious beliefs…. Imagine that

The media and hollyweird elite love to act as if they are intellectually superior to the little people. Yet we see listen to them throw out nothing but straw men, false equivalency, and non-stop logical fallacies while they push their pandemic narrative.

What is more frightening than hearing a member of the ruling elite say “Screw your freedom!”? Hearing them say it with a thick Austrian accent.

In the last two weeks I’ve discovered No Agenda and mastodon. I can feel a little bit of sanity starting to creep in after being surrounded by nothing but Covidapalooza panic for the past 18 months

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