Been working on some fake ad pages for Paranoid American comics (filler pages)


This one looks even better. Just look at those boost buttons begging to be clicked.

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(good chat about stocks)

Listening to my Slavic bro Dvorak chatting with Florida millionaire:

DHUnplugged #607: A Total Shitshow .

Good day for Podverse yesterday 😳

Thanks to everyone helping spread the word 🙏

Join @SirSpencer and I in the Bowl TONIGHT for #BowlAfterBowl Episode 163 ✨LIVE & LIT✨ around 9 PM Central.

@RevCyberTrucker always kicks things into overdrive with the #MetalMoment, giving you time to call and answer the #FTIE, the First Time YOU Ever got cut off:

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Value For Value:

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I sent a close lefty friend of mine an article from WSJ about how policy from the White House is causing inflation in primarily energy markets. His response?

"Well there’s nothing I can do about it so I’m just living."

Pathetic. Grow a pair. Spread awareness. Fight these tyrants. Support politicians or public figures who speak on your behalf. Do something.

I simply responded with an article about the boiling frog apologue.

The pieces of decentralized superchat are coming together...


What does Alecks need so he can scale this?

Clip starts at 1:01:14

Jack Spirko would use No Agenda Tube for live, but it doesn't scale right now.

If you think cancel culture is bad now, wait till everything runs on the governments electric 🤣

Don't forget what these people were saying just six months ago. Pulled from November 30th, 2021.

A terrible investment manager with a losing track record, acting as a public health doctor by suggesting the government have the military run a mandatory vaccination campaign.

Fuck these people.

"In a true selloff, all assets correlate to 1." A great trader I learned many lessons from once told me that, and that's what we saw today.

Markets destroyed. Nasdaq down 28% year-to-date, 5% just today. Yesterday Powell made surprisingly hawkish comments about inflation. At the time, the market barely reacted; today's move seems to be the delayed reaction.

Treasuries bid today as people flew to safety, but junk bond markets are cracking. Holding shorts in both.

Hang on, turbulence ahead.

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