I have a bottom feeder stock speculation.

Tritium that makes DC Fast Chargers for EVs.


They just opened a factory in the USA. To make chargers for the domestic market.

I drive an EV here in New Zealand and have used their chargers about 350 times over five years. They charge my car in 15-20 minutes.

They are about 99.7% reliable.

Their stock price is down to $4, but Mkt Cap 650M, 200M in sales orders.

Biden money scramble!

Make it rain!

Bout that time eh chaps? The latest bowl freshly packed for your rack!

I recap the big bad meetup, @Laurien brings wonderful long-shot legislative possibilities, and callers lose the game?


Thanks producers:

Show will be late tomorrow because of travel. We plan to go live at 4:00 pm central time.

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@mikeneumann @ChadF My tweet:

No, video will not "kill the podcast star"! ;) It will be a great compliment to audio content. It will be an audiovisual podcast if it has a compatible RSS feed you could subscribe to, in order to get value added features and notifications, e.g., the LIT (Live Id Tag).



As I said in a later, yet earlier post, TYFYC for this wonderful playground you provide out of the goodness of your heart & the V4V lifestyle.

Another Bowl cashed! @Laurien has another potential Shoe trade for us, we get an extended boost, @RevCyberTrucker gives us a Meta #MetalMoment and callers did indeed fuck their roommates eventually.


Thanks producers:
Kevin S

Toke on bowlers, 'cause #BowlAfterBowl Episode 187 gets ✨LIT✨ TONIGHT at 9 PM Central!

@RevCyberTrucker brings the heat with another #MetalMoment while @SirSpencer and I wait to hear about the First Time YOU Ever fucked your roommate:

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NYSE announcement that Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is set to virtually ring the opening bell this morning.

I'll have to look into Advantage Ukraine a bit more, but apparently it's an 'initiative' to drive direct investment into Ukraine. Sounds like a bond offering to me, probably private with WEF or IMF. Yikes.

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