So we had a meeting at blubrry on the namespaces. Angelo has some concerns on a couple of items and he is going to send me the write up over.

We have a plan on what we will be tackling first. We run the so once the namespaces are locked in we will start updating that tool to support the namespaces.

We will also start updating some of our tools powerpress and others over 4-5 phases. Big lift for us as we have three systems to update.

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@Todd_Blubrry Sounds good Todd. Will help any way I can.

The good thing is that, other than <locked> it's all optional stuff. So each hoster can go at the pace that's right for them and just adopt the tags that bring value to their particular customer base.

@siebe @Todd_Blubrry @trektv It's a great tool - one reason why you'll find it linked from every podcast page at Podnews. Really good stuff.

@jamescridland @siebe @Todd_Blubrry @trektv I was super impressed by it too.

@Todd_Blubrry Just a product idea here. What about letting people sign up to get weekly or monthly "diagnostics" - then you would simply run a scheduled check and send them an email with the results.

The idea here is of course then that non-Blubrry customers would see the value and sign up, and monthly/weekly get a reminder of your brand (and offers) while getting useful content.

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