@Lehmancreations Ok feel free to ping mike dell or me anytime we continue to be excited about what your doing.

@kevinb66 @Lehmancreations Part of it is as well as we are in the middle of a major and I mean major update to the platform so we are really focused on that. We will swing around to updating PP with this new stuff, but keep putting additional pieces in because I want to play as well.

@Lehmancreations Have you added this plugin to the wordpress plugins directory?

@adam The love affair with spotify by some creators is at epic levels.

If you want to listen to something entertaining the last 90 minutes of the New Media show this week shows you where some creator's heads are.

I had a call with the Facebook podcast team today. I talked about the podcast index initiatives with them. They took a specific interest in popping I have referenced my contact there to the github page.

Who is the point person on the team that I can share an email address with them to.

@dave @cisene @mgdell Closer ;). make sure you are also picking up blubrry.net feeds as well

@cisene @dave The problem with that Blubrry number is most of those that use our services use powerpress on their own .com so very difficult to ever get an accurate blubrry number unless you parse it by feed generated

@phoneboy do you have the rss feed that throws the warning on the 3000x3000 image they want to cross check and make sure nothing odd is going on.

@phoneboy Dev team says It shouldn't flag the 3000x3000, but rather the file size. If it's over 0.5MB, Cast Feed throws the message.

@cisene I really have to ask where the hell is this delta from everyone else coming from. It would be awesome to see a diff file aka those feeds in Apple Podcasts and those that are not. Google has always claimed high numbers like this but where are they coming from.

@phoneboy The 3k i will ask the dev team..

So far as Cloudflare we have had two podcaster tickets this week alone with Apps and directories not updating for days due to being unable to crawl the feed. We got a lot of shit about that. But it continues to be an issue and now with folks trying to speed their sites up due to the 5-1 google change to pagespeed. They are running to CF and finding out CF is causing update issues. CF could fix this but they haven't.

@Lehmancreations Hope your part of our beta program Mike can get you on if your not so you can get the plugin update early. Also if you ever want to contribute code we would love to have it and will credit you obviously.

@dave @agates I honestly have mixed feeling about this tag. Honestly, it is doubtful there will be much support for this. in 2005 when internet speeds sucked we all had multiple feeds that had different media encodes. Today I do not think its necessary.

My live stream will be over before the episodes is published and of little value.

@dave We are excited as well we just need to drive utilization so I can justify more dev time to enhance.

@martin The chapter support is still them linking a file. If someone had a chapter builder tool that would be nice to be able to recommend. We still cannot justify building a chapter file generator for less than 1% of podcasters that will use them.

PowerPress 8.5 released with the following support.

Added settings for Podcast Index tags: locked, location, funding, transcript, chapters

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