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Amazon Echo will start sharing your Internet with neighbors in June

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Does Anyone want to send some love to our new podcast Search for #salonomics wherever you get your podcasts.
Try breez.techology or sphinx.chat to listen and send sats to the creators. P2p

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No new value enabled podcasts in the last 2 days ℹ️

Going to have to sleep on it. 2 issues with Sphinx atm. Satoshi Balance has disappeared and is now ZERO.
Sphinx wallet not generating an address for me to top up my balance?

Has anyone had this issue before?

Anyone answer this "does your Satoshi Balance on Sphinx reset each month?

re Sphinx Chat - is it the correct etiquette to add my User Name and Address here in the hope that others connect with me?

Re sphinx chat.

Does Anyone know where the nicknames and addresses of the contacts are found?

Hi Guys,
It's Aaron. I host the Salonomics Podcast and
This is My first Toot.

Here for the tech 😉😉😉

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