It took a while listening, but here they finally hit the nail on the head. When Apple entered the podcasting “space”, all innovation stopped.

And now we’re restarting that ;-)

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@adam Todd and Rob just don't get it! It's about freedom! Not having one entity that's the gate keeper. Apple censors content. Regulates how your title must appear. Etc...

@Mike I think they do understand what’s going on, but they haven’t focused much on something they said in this podcast:

When Apple enter the space, innovation stopped.

Having a resource that removes all the hurdles for anyone who wants to create or design a podcast experience for listeners/viewers, will in my opinion stimulate creativity and innovation.

@adam you're absolutely right about how innovation has stopped. Or how it's limited to only a select few. An example, iTunes is rolling out new features that show guest and host profiles on podcasts. But this is limited to only selected podcasts. And Apple is incorporating transcripts into some podcasts, but again only for selected podcasts. It's been some 15+ years and there is no standard for paid content.

@Mike Exactly. Why let Apple set the standard? All features we bake should be for all.

@adam and they go on and on about dead feeds (those not putting out new episodes). So fucking what! Their assumption, like many they believe that these should be removed from the iTunes directory. Now if the feed is not responding then that's another story.

@Mike Luckily, @Todd_Blubrry is here! Hopefully we can have a fruitful discussion.

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