But Spotify has “way more advertiser demand for [SAI] than inventory to satisfy it,” said Jay Richman, head of global ads business and platform at Spotify

Should read: “We can’t covert enough of our customers to use our podcast player”

I’m not eve sure they’ll take JRE RSS feeds offline come Dec 1st

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@adam this is amazing!

"“A lot of folks enjoy listening to podcasts, but it's not a sustainable or healthy ecosystem in its current state,” Richman said. “We need to get more advertisers into the space.”

NO YOU IDIOTS! It IS a sustainable and healthy ecosystem only because you haven't completely fucked it all up with adverts yet!

@adam exactly as you said... Unilever isn't going to brand advertising on unknown user generated content.

"But Megaphone’s clientele is mostly major brand advertisers, who are likely to funnel their budgets toward publishers they trust and further tip the scale toward well-funded players."

@adam Megaphone was selling 10% of their available inventory. Just 10%. They were apparently furious when Podnews publicised that last week (I saw a document). So, oddly, Spotify's purchase of Megaphone might help the open RSS feed world be taken more seriously by advertisers. Which, if you want that as a thing, isn't a bad plan.

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