@theDanielJLewis Anything interesting that’s been “removed”?

removed in the previous day
removed in the last 30 days
removed in the last 90 days

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@adam Nearly all the removals are automatic and due to technical issues. But I haven't been personally watching _which_ podcasts have been removed.

For example, I found a podcast with a feed that holds only one daily episode and doesn't publish on the weekends. So they're breaking their RSS feed every weekend, getting removed from AP, and then automatically re-added on Mondays when they have an episode again.

So their show is unsubscribeable on the weekends!

@dave @adam I think it's essentially an Alexa briefing they decided to cross-publish (badly) to podcast apps.

AP IDs 775955197, 775957996, and 775959927.

@adam But I _do_ need to audit some of my removal data, since there's an apparent decrease in removals on November 5, which could be from my own coding changes. So if I see anything that stands out (especially if it seems like censorship), I'll let you know!

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