I registered and am pointing it to the GitHub page until we have a nice page in the index to promote everything.

Hosting companies supporting the namespace also need to be listed.

Let’s get some traffic flowing to y’all!

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@adam but not all apps that support “funding” tag support bitcoin lightning right now so maybe another section listing apps that support bitcoin lightning would be useful...

@csb A nice page for this list here on podcastindex

@adam for such simple thing react is not needed - react is for data entry

I’d recommend bootstrap instead

@csb @adam But the site is already in React, so I think React is the way to go, and is both easier to build with and maintain (because it's what's already used).

@martin @adam OK, i will take a look at (not-daily) source code then and see what can i do

@martin thanks, I’ll check it out over weekend

Nice to see typescript there

@adam see for bootstrap accordion example - I reckon it would suffice and react would be overkill for simple list but others can check me

@csb @martin It should be a page on that we point to from the homepage. Should have logos as well a page people can look at and select an app or hosting company from. Alphabetical

@adam @csb alphabetical? Damn, I knew I should have gone for instead!

@adam @martin

AC, I’ll try during weekend.

I must say that your react tech - - is quite modern and uses constructs I don’t know - like ConnectedRouter - so no sure I’ll manage, we’ll see.

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