@podcastaddict Tue app is throwing an error on No Agenda because I have a captions url that is 404. I think @podbean is doing this as well. As a workaround until we have something better, can we suppress that error? I’m losing too much audience this way :-(

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@adam The workaround for now would be to upload an empty transcript file at the same time of the episode. The issue is that the Google player engine is crashing when the transcript URL doesn't exist. I posted a Beta version with a workaround BUT it will take some time before Google validates it

@podcastaddict Thanks for digging. I’ll create a dummy file moving forward.

My name is Adam. I break code LOL

@adam Thanks. That will solve the issue until my next version is approved, but my guess is that it will also help for other apps that will add support for transcript

@podcastaddict I just published a new episode of PC20 with the dummy files. Can you check for me?

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