@dave @adam good news, I got a message from Tim on the LNPay telegram group that he will be turning on inbound KeySend payments.
Wallets must be identified through custom record 696969, example: 696969=wal_jhnRR8uSQUZfPM

This is aligned with my proposal to include custom records to podcast:valueRecipient: github.com/Podcastindex-org/po

I'll be experimenting with this for podStation's 1% (yey, finally getting some $ 😜 )

@dellagustin @dave Working on config.
I am confused about the API keys.
The link provided in your docs point me to the 'dashboard", where I find a client side API key and a Server side API key.

Podstation options ask for: API Key and a Wallet Access Key

Which goes where? No combos appear to work for me


Podstation with LNPay working like a charm! Congrats @dellagustin !!

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@dellagustin There is something magical about hitting play on your computer and seeing Sats stream in on my mobile wallet.

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